Silt Lake

Easily visible from Sunhaven, the large fresh body of water on the far side of the Wide and south of Tower Road has been known as Silt Lake since the Young Kingdoms once more brought civilization to the area. A great earthen and stone dam, believed by the current inhabitants of the Barony to have been built by Dwarves, pens in the waters of numerous streams and little rivers flowing from the vast Trollfens further west. Today water flows freely over the dam in many locations and a few of the locals wonder how much longer it will stand.

As one might infer from the name, Silt Lake is a relatively shallow body of water. Its western shoreline is in constant flux as the Trollfens ebb to and fro, and the exact point where the swamp ends and the lake begins is not always clear. A single, rocky island juts from the western part of the lake, and a stone tower of relatively recent – and unknown – origin stands upon it.

Not far from the island on the southern shore of the lake the former Baron Westmarch once established a hunting lodge, but it was abandoned after conflict with lizardfolk tribes in the swamp and lies in ruin today. The current Baron has made no attempt to reclaim it.

Closer to Sunhaven, near the northern end of the dam, a ruined dwarven grist mill and smithy squats not far from Tower Road. Abandoned since the Old Empire, it is nonetheless reported to be in comparatively good condition, or at least it was twenty years ago when a group of adventurers uncovered and destroyed a small demonic cult in area.

Silt Lake

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