West Athens Marches

Mill Take 2

March 22, NR 52

Kuzo, Deverin, Nala, Verna, Bullpa, and Miri gather back at the the Bronze Dragon Inn after visiting the mill. They asked around to see if anyone knew what / who “King Snurri” is (text that was on the silver pendant worn by Ironbite.) No answers were given, so they returned to the mill.

At the mill, small to medium sized footprints were spotted. Voices were heard arguing in goblin down the hill, in the direction of the smithy. Kuzo and Verna sneaked down the hill and spotted the smithy building. There were seven goblins with one riding a boar. The goblins seemed to be discussing whether to go into the smithy and to be looking for something.

After Verna failed to converse with the goblins, a fight broke out. After the battle, 3 burlap sacks of coins worth 260gps total were found in the boar’s saddle bags. The rest was just swag armor and weapons.

On the smithy’s door was a painted note stating, “Ironbite sez 2 stay out!”

It was decided to rip the boards off the the windows in order to see what was inside. Peeking in, the group spot three forges on the wall opposite the windows. In front of each forge is an anvil. One can see machinery that goes from the water wheel to trip hammers on each of the three anvils. One of the anvils had been moved. Crates and bodies were strewn throughout the room. The bodies were in different degrees of decay – from skeletons to just a couple of days old.

Bullpa decided to smash the door in. Nothing else was noticed, so Bullpa and Deverin decided to step in. Scratch marks were discovered on the floor, and traces of a trap door underneath the anvil that had been moved. While Verna watched from a window, the rest of the party made their way in. A hole about 1 meter has been knocked into the wall next to the waterwheel. Water trickled in. Cracking noises were heard above and dust fell from the ceiling. The trip hammers started to turn, while mist rose up from between the floor tiles. A ghostly looking dwarf appeared in the middle of the room. His eyes blazed while the mist grew thick, so thick that the ghostly dwarf was hidden. Battle ensued. Once the dwarf was hit a few times, he disappeared and many skeletons rose up from the ground. When a skeleton was smashed, the mist went back through the tiles below. Once all the skeletons were dispatched, the ghostly dwarf reappeared. Once he was bloodied, his concealing mist dissipated. After the ghostly dwarf took some more blows, he again disappeared and more skeletons rose up. Once again, when the skeletons were demolished, the ghostly dwarf rose up from the mist.

This time, the party was able to strike a defeating blow to the ghost, making the mist swirl, and it formed into the shade of a sad looking dwarf. In common he speaks, “Thank you for putting my soul to rest. The circumstances of my death were such that I have been overwhelmed by rage.” He explained that, many years prior, as the old Empire fell to hordes of barbarians in the west, those same barbarians made allies of lizard men from the swamps. Fighting came to the smithy, where the lizard men killed him and flooded the basement where his apprentices hid. Many years have passed since then, exactly how many the dwarf did not know. Goblins have recently tried to take over the smithy, but the dwarf struck down any that came in. The ghostly dwarf also told the party that the bodies downstairs were not properly laid to rest, and asked the group to do so. In return, he told them that within his forge was hidden a magic staff.


260 gold pieces in coin
+1 staff of fiery might


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