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Log for Thursday, Oct 7 2010

Game date March 20, NR 52

A new band of adventurers gathers in Sunhaven in The Bronze Dragon Inn, a newly opened business. Cait, the Elven bartender, was a former adventurer who caters those in the business.

Sitting at the table are Asteron, a Minotaur Rune Priest, Crescent, a Shifter Warden, Lucan, an Elven Ranger, Awayn, an Elven Monk, and Squab the Kenku Sorcerer.

Lucan revealed that he’d been conned by a half-elf bard named Allyn, and lost his adventuring nest egg. Following a tip, the Ranger followed the trail to the Bronze Dragon, where Allyn was last seen on his way to the Wild. Allyn, Cait revealed, was buried in the beggar’s graveyard north of town. He was killed by someone named Ebb, who was locked away for the act about a week ago.

Lucan claimed Allyn’s belonging from Cait. Inside was a note and three treasure maps. Someone named Kerr tasked Allyn to deceive competing adventuring parties and form his own party to claim a treasure, sending the dupes on wild goose chases. An Eladrin Wizard named Fionn was named in the letter in a negative way. He was unfamiliar to the innkeeper.

The party left the town the next morning seeking the first landmark on one of the maps. Following a trail indicated by some marked trees, the party reached the ruins of the Summoner’s Tower. In a grove beyond a dead tree depicted on their treasure map, the group encountered a tangle of undead vines hanging from the trees. A similarly undead cockatrice attacked. After felling the undead creatures, the X on the map revealed no treasure. Map #1 was a fake.

Returning to the road and heading west, the group reached a band in the road leading north. The elves spotted a black dragon flying over a lake far to the south. Thankful their path lay to the north, the party pressed on.

Exiting the road according to the Map #2, and finding the a rock formation depicted on the map, Asteron noticed the body of a hobgoblin lying in a tilled patch of land. Approaching the patch, a pack of undead Grave Hounds emerged from the ground. Crescent showed his worth by single-handedly destroying half of the zombie dogs himself.

On the body of the Hobgoblin was a short sword and 90 GP. The group examined the disturbed ground closely but uncovered no treasure. Map #2 was a fake.

Following this disappointment it was decided to return to town to recover before pursuing map number three.

The Loot:
1. Short sword
2. 90 GP


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