West Athens Marches

Basement of Very Dead Things

March 23, NR 52

Kuzo, Nala, Miri, Bulpaand Erichead down to the “basement of very dead things.” The basement itself is empty, but a smallish hole leads to a natural cavern, where they group encounter the undead remains of the apprentices – four zombies and two rotting things that fling bits of their own flesh at the party. The zombies shamble to the fore, cutting off the group from the corruption corpses, which manage to drop Erik with a volley of foul missiles. After knocking out a few zombies Bullpa feeds Eric a potion to revive him. Ultimately the party is victorious.

Evidence suggests that water from the basement broke through the wall and flooded into the cavern some time ago. A small exit or drain is discovered – Kuzo wriggles his way through this and finds himself looking down into a larger chamber. In the distance is the faint glow of daylight. The chamber contains a pair of odd looking nests and a large – over nine foot – pallet bed.

The decision is taken to scout out the cave entrance from the outside. After some searching, the group are able to locate it and the bottom of a small cliff not far from the smithy. Numerous tracks – large humanoid and something else – are pressed into the dirt outside the entrance. A large midden heap of bones, mostly animal but a few humanoid, lies close at hand. Such dire portents convince the group that a return to Sunhaven is in order, and the five retire back to the safety of town.


martiniconqueso martiniconqueso

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