The Wild West

Sandbox-Style 4e inspired by the original Westmarches campaign.

The Wild West is an old-school D&D campaign in the model of 1st Edition, with a heavy emphasis on exploration, puzzle solving, and action. The game centers around the Wild, an untamed region far to the west of the Young Kingdoms.

Life in the Young Kingdoms is rather stale and boring, but safe. Life out West is none of these things. Stories tell of the Old Empire that once flourished in the region, but various humanoid tribes, and worse things, overran the area a century or so ago. In the Wild are ancient ruins, of both human and non-human origin, ripe with treasures both mundane and magical waiting to be recovered.

A dozen or so years ago, bold groups of adventurers and mercenaries explored the edges of the Wilds, and while many failed to return, most of those who did came back bearing gold, relics of the old civilizations long gone, and other treasures. For a while, the Barony of Westmarch was a hub of adventuring activity. As time went on, many of the more experienced adventurers retired on the wealth they recovered, and many of the less experienced met some unknown but presumably ghastly fate – the boom days slowly petered out.

Recently, however, a new breed has taken up the mantle. Now the frontier town of Sunhaven is once more a bustle of activity, filled with daring and hopeful adventurers seeking to make their fortunes. So far, the innkeeper – and the undertaker – are the only people turning a profit, but the adventurers gathering in town are all certain there is a fortune waiting to be made in the wild, wild West.