Tower Road

West out of town and over the Last Bridge into the Wild runs the Tower Road, so named because of the several ancient stone towers that flank it, barely visible in the distance. The Road itself dates from the Old Empire, and was originally lined with marble cobbles and ran level and true for many miles.

Today, it is rather overgrown in most places. Close to Sunhaven, most of the old paving stones have been looted and now are incorporated in the walls, floors and basements of various buildings in town. For the first mile or so, the road is little more than an over-grown track, a raised causeway choked with weeds and undergrowth.

Go far enough into the Wild, though, and the road is paved once more – the bravery of the folk of Sunhaven extends only as far as they can go and still see the gatehouse of the Last Bridge. After that point the stones are mostly still in place, though weeds grow between them, and in some places the roots of encroaching trees have displaced the pavement.

Where Tower Road ultimately leads, none can say for certain. It bears in the general direction of the distant Ettin Range mountains, but no trapper or adventurer has dared go that far in living memory.

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Tower Road

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