The last bastion of civilization before one crosses the Last Bridge over the River Wide, Sunhaven represents all the things an adventurer must leave behind to ply his trade – safety, home, security. It’s also where that same adventurer is most likely to retreat to lick her wounds, resupply and perhaps spend the hard-earned coin she’s packed out of some ancient ruin.

Notable locations include:

  • The Lame Mare

The Mare is the local’s favorite watering hole, and a common enough choice for food and lodging among adventurers. Before the Bronze Dragon opened, the Mare had no competition and the quality suffered accordingly. Recently, however, Old Pate has been forced to compete for his coin and the food at the Mare has improved.

Many years ago, during the first rush to explore the Wild, the Mare was home to the famous “Table Map” – a great wooden table in the common room, into which was carved a rough map of all that lay beyond the Wide. Adventuring groups would add to the Table Map as they made new discoveries, and it became a sort of repository for common knowledge about the Wild. The original map is lost, its fate unknown, but nothing would stop a new Table Map from being created . . .

  • The Bronze Dragon

“The Dragon” as is it is already known, is only recently opened. The innkeeper, a half-elf named Cait Carrick, arrived just as winter closed in on Sunhaven from parts unknown – but doubtless distant. The Dragon was open for business in a few short week’s time. In contrast to Old Pate, Carrick is a talkative and imaginative sort, who claims to have spent many years as an adventurer herself. The Bronze Dragon is quite popular with the adventuring crowd in Sunhaven, and the Lame Mare is faced with a competitor for the first time in 20 years.

  • Seamus’ Alchemical Emporium

An alchemy shop run by the gnome Seamus Swifttalker. The shop stocks minor healing potions and other consumable items. In recent days, Seamus has let it be known that he can contract with suppliers “back east” for more potent – and expensive – magic items.

  • The Last Bridge

This ancient stone span predates the Young Kingdoms by many years – most believe it dates from the old fallen Empire. The far end is secured by a mighty gatehouse, and the bridge guards are always quick to warn any venturing past the river that under no circumstance will they be allowed back across the bridge after nightfall – nor indeed should they expect to find the bridge open if they come fleeing up the road with a pack of goblins at their heels.

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