Rumors and Tales

1. A trapper named Jak One-Ear says he saw Kobolds at the Old Milefort.

2. The Astinals haven’t been seen since two harvests ago.

3. The Summoner’s Tower vanished about a year ago – everyone remembers a loud noise in the middle of the night. No one has seen the old wizard since then.

4. Trapper Whitey Garn says he fled from bandits on Tower Road.

5. Baron Harran’s father tried to build a hunting lodge on Silt Lake, but had to abandon it years ago.

9. Far to the West is a place where so much blood was shed even the ground is red.

12. Seamus Swifttalker, the gnome who runs the alchemist shop in Sunhaven, is offering a 50 gold piece reward for artifacts or relics from the elven ruins in the northern forests.

14. Somewhere in the Whill Wood, there is a great oak with white leaves. An adventurer named William the Red buried a great treasure there.

15. Many years ago, a great long table in the Lame Mare had a map of the Wild carved into it, but no-one knows what became of it.

16. The tower in the Abandoned Milefort glows strangely under the light of the moon.

18. A dozen years ago or so, Bodolf Claw-Eye plundered a fortune in gold and hid it somewhere in the Wild.

19. Trapper Whitey Garn saw some strange creatures being led through the woods south of Tower Road. He thinks they were headed for the old Summoner’s Tower.

20. An island in Silt Lake is home to a tower haunted by a dead Wizard.

Rumors and Tales

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