Marrow's Journal

Marrow’s Research Log is a rather tedious read, filled with extensive notes about the suitability of various test subjects for the gruesome experiments he conducted and the results thereof. It seems he raided the lizardfolk camps in what he refers to as the Sandpiper Marsh extensively for test subjects and servitors, which he dominated through his own formidable mental prowess. His knowledge of the area was apparently not great, as he makes few references to anything beyond the Lake and the swamps. He does mention plans to get revenge on “those traitorous bastards, as soon as I can find them all – B and B, at least, are not far off.”

As to his horrific experiments, he began fairly small, by grafting body parts from one creature to a similar creature, and slowly moved on to more impressive and demanding feats. His ultimate goal seems to have been the perfection of brain transplantation so that he could relocate his own disembodied brain into a human body once more. Eventually he succeeded in moving humanoid brains into various other forms – both humanoid and otherwise.

He seems to have considered this – the transplantation of the brain of a “higher” creature – as his most challenging and impressive success. Recently he had a number of positive results in this regard, relocating the brain of a captured Duergar into the body of a Grick, and the brain of a lizardman into the body of the Duergar, and several other successes which he does not detail, referring only to his “recent numerous triumphs.”

Almost all of the entries concern themselves with exacting and dry notes from different experiments, but a few are more revealing:

“Experiment number 17 has proven a wild success! I can’t call it proper brain relocation, as in fact I grafted the entire neck and head of the thing onto the prepared body, but the result was nonetheless spectacular. The beast is fearsome and powerful even now; once it has adjusted to its new status I am certain it will be my most potent servitor yet. Alas that the thing’s other heads were destroyed, what I could have done with three more such monsters!”

“Today I discovered that Hasseneth has seemingly been slain, by some group of ‘adventurers’ – no doubt form the miserable hamlet of Sunhaven. A group of my lizardmen foraging near the old lodge reported catching a glimpse of the battle, and later of finding the dragon’s headless body. A pity, that – how I’d have loved to experiment with that magnificent brain! It’s no doubt become little more than a grisly trophy on some tavern wall. Ah, well – at least I’ll suffer that impudent worm’s threats no further.”

“One of the greenies escaped today, the first one in ages. I’ll admit to being distracted by my new prisoners – the prospect of finally finding a proper subject for the next phase of my operation, while thrilling, has apparently clouded my judgment. Otherwise surely I’d have never let that scaly traitor out of my sight before I was sure the domination was completely successful. For a creature of lesser intellect, it showed surprising cunning in feigning submission so. The loss of one such servant is, of course, a blow only to my pride – except that the bastard opened the basement pens and released a month’s worth of subjects into the lake! So be it – let the miserable denizens of the swamp deal with them.”

Marrow's Journal

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