West Athens Marches

Behind door #2 you find . . .


The party returns to the Elven Ruins to explore the second floor. The trip was uneventful. Moving south from the enterance, the passage slopes downward. They slosh through several feet of water, inpeding movement. From under the water, a rotten undead elf emerges. Soon, a flock of Demon Rays emerged from the water, surrounding the parties.

“Demigorgon” is muttered by the Demon Ray Priest as he flees through a crack in the wall. Searching the crypts in the flooded room, the party finds among the skeletal remains:

1. +2 Manafester Halberd (Tom)

A picture of Demigorgon is drawn on the crumbling wall near the fissure. A metal wheen, about 4" in diameter, is mounted on the wall. It gives off an eerie vibe. Miri feels like it has a teleportation effect; Asteron feels this might open a rift to the Abyss.

On the way to exploring another crypt, the party passes a pool of frozen water with three elven bodies trapped inside. Their faces are frozen in horror. The room is extremely cold; fine magic patterns line the floor, perhaps triggering the frozen zombies. Kuzo disarms the trap and the party proceeded to the crypy beyond. Elven bodies fills to coffins with little else of import.

Exploring the next room, they notice the ceiling is very high. Two pits, sinking 30’ lie on either side of the room. A pair of statues or regal elves, sit at the far end. The closest pit is filled with bones, some of which stir at the presence of the party. Sneaking closer, Kuzo notices the other pit is also filled with stirring bones and a freshly severed elven head, which is surprisingly intact.

Leaping the pit, Asteron lands next to the statue and they comes to life and attack. After destroying the statues, the severed head cries out for help. Asteron climbs down and retrieves the head and find some coins among the bones.

1. 240 GP

Alfrick (the head) was the last king of the fae realm in the west. His body lay incorruptable until the fiend came and defiled the tomb, Acereack the lich. His body still lies in the chamber beyond, as has every fae king when he transcends the mortal realm. The door has a lock similar to the one under the old church that TSF found months ago. He offers to help open the door.

Recalling a tidbit of arcane History, Miri gains +2 to Arcana checks.

Into the Whill Woods in Search of the White Leaved Oak

Verna, Miri, Kinn, Erik, and Deverin decide that since it is such a nice day, they would decide to venture into the Whill Woods in search for the oak with white leaves. They start out from the church and head north. From a short vantage point in a tree, Verna spots a place in the woods were the trees look diseased and dead. Heading towards that area, the party spies six green reptilian creatures. The largest one has small wings sprouting out of its back and is wielding a weird looking curved bone sword (the sword leans to the left). The other five smaller creatures like to sneak around with cover during the fight. The party’s good tactics and teamwork make quick work of the large creature. As two of the little ones leave, they speak in a language that Miri recognizes – draconic – in which she hears a name repeated from the black dragon, “Ativex.” Other than the large creature, only one of the smaller creatures is killed; the others sneak away. Deverin hacks the head off of the large creature. The bone sword is identified as a Ravenclaw Warblade.

The party travels a little farther north, finding a valley with a stream. The water smells acrid. As we approach the stream the plant life becomes more and more sparse. No fish or other aquatic creatures are in the stream. The foul smell seems to get stronger towards the hills and reminds Deverin of the substance that was spit at him from the smaller creatures earlier. The party decides to follow the stream into the hills, to investigate where the foul substance is coming from. They climb and find a 50’ waterfall. We gather some of the water from this part of the stream, so we can take a sample back to Seamus. There is an absence of animal tracks, but reptile tracks are discovered around the riverbed. Deverin decided to attempt climb up the side of the waterfall. He gets most of the way up, then starts to fall. Miri saves him with her telekinetic lift. She pushes him the rest of the way up the side. Once on the ground and stable, Deverin notices a wide ledge. 10’ from the edge is a rope ladder and many similiar tracks. He lowers the rope ladder for the rest of the party. The rest of the party joins Deverin. The smell from the river is very strong. A path leads away from the cliff.

After traveling a couple hundred yards, they come to a cave. The water is flowing out of the cave. No vegetation is found around this area. The smell is very strong here. Tracks are found all around. The party also finds a set of larger tracks that belong to a four legged creature. Verna sneaks in the cave. A short distance in, she can tell that the cave is not shallow. The cave and stream curves a little to the left, with a side passage that goes to the right. Verna hears noises like boiling water and movement, but no conversation. Sneaking further in, Verna can see light. Passing more side passages, she comes to a large chamber. In part of the wall, stone has been chiseled out. In the room are glass cylinders, each one containing a body. A large creature like the party killed earlier is tending to the cylinders. From within some bedding, the creature takes something out, puts it in a cylinder, then starts filling it with different liquids. The cave goes back farther behind. Verna reports back to the rest of the group. They decide to take the head and vial of tainted water back to Seamus to see what he thinks of all of this.

Seamus identifies these creatures as dragon spawn. He tells us that some dragon spawn can be spell-casters. There are tales of dragons making spawn. The water can be from the dragon waste, the process that is making the dragon spawn, or a combination of both. Seamus takes the vial of tainted water in order to analyze it.

Loot: +2 Ravenclaw Warblade (Bastard sword) – Kinn

Characters that need to level: Erik and Kinn

Deep into the Elven . . . . .

Deverin, Kinn, Kuzo, Erik, and Verna venture yet again to the elven fortress. They enter into the basement and decide to enter into the only room that has not been defiled by Black and Proud on this level. There is a downward staircase at the back of the room, with a portcullis closed in front of the stairs. Two statues of elven warriors stand to each side of the stairway at the back of the room. The heads had been lobbed off and replaced with shrunken human heads. When Deverin enters the room and walked up near the stairs, the heads turn and start cussing at him. Deverin takes damage from the foul words. Only the head moves, the other parts of the statue take no movement. Since the heads injured the party’s cleric, the party joins the fight. They attack the head to shut them up.

Once dispatched, Kinn found the original stone head behind the statue on the right side. He picks it up and places it on the statue, hoping that it will open the portcullis. Nothing happens. After Kuzo examines the portcullis, he notices it can probably be just lifted up. After some struggles, Deverin raises the gate, but there is nothing there to hold it up. Deverin sacrifices his crowbar to wedge under the gate to keep it from closing. The party walks down the stairs, descending about 50 – 60 feet. Once downstairs, they discover writing on the floor in elvish jive, which Kinn can read. "Here lie the ladies and lords of House Tendarish. Lords of fey of this realm. . . " Erik notices that some of the letters spell out something else on the floor, and these letters are magical. Deverin notices that the ceiling has huge numerous spikes hanging down like stalactites. Kinn deciphers the glyphs that are arcana linked and realize that it tells him how the trap can be disabled. Kuzo with Verna’s help starts to disable the trap.

While the party is busy, Kinn hears the sound of feet behind him. Zombie rotters attack him and Deverin. Along with zombies, there are corruption corpses and dread zombies. While fighting, Kuzo successfully disarms the trap. The party extinguishes of all the undead. A magical cloak is discovered on one of the zombies. After the battle, the party checks out the rooms to the north and east. Both rooms were used to prepare corpses, for instance washing, preserving, and procedures of that nature – think Fisher and Sons funeral home from Six Feet Under and not Phantasm. The discussion deteriorated at this point, so the party broke up.

Cloak of Distortion +2 – Verna

Characters to Level:

(the shittiest pun you'll hear all week!)

And We’re Off!

Team B&P high fives in Sunhaven and, once again, strikes out for The Elf Hole… Hold. The Elf Hold.

Ambush in the Forest

We retrace our footsteps north through the forest (which has become awell-worn path after six sorties)… only to encounter a group of (slightly weedy-looking) hobgoblins in formation standing on the other side of a clearing. Eirik bellows “Surrender or Die!” and they form ranks. We charge headlong into battle!

When Eirik and Bullpa are about half-way across. A pair of hobgoblin archers appear on the back rank… and, more alarmingly… A PAIR OF PISSED-OFF OGRES BURST OUT OF THE WOODS and join the fray.

A massacre ensues, with the ogres being dispatched by the team with ruthless efficiency. Most of the hobgoblins are slain as well… including Chico (NOOOOOOOOOO!) who has his brain burst with mind bullets as he tries to flee. Only the two archers manage to escape with their lives.


*Not much.
*Pouch of ogre jerky.
*Another pouch with 280gp
*The ogres wear large brass medallions emblazoned with the visage of King Snurri Bloodfart.


After debating the best way to explore the remaining rooms on this level, we elect to bypass the trapped hall and explore a narrow hallway. It is empty, save for a crudely defaced shrine to Corellon. The door at the end (which we spiked from the other side) gets hacked to pieces by Bullpa and we enter…

The Entrance Hall/ Supply Cache

With its high, vaulted ceilings and massivedouble-doors (barred from the inside) leading to the forest, this room appears to be the main entrance to the Eladrin complex. What is curious is that it is being used as a makeshift storehouse for all manner of (fresh) supplies: barrels of arrows, sacks of coarse grain, hardtack, all manner of shit that could be used to supply an army.

There are no creatures here whatsoever. We open the front doors and peak outside into the forest, but find nothing save for evidence that humanoid guards were posted out here recently.


*Save the mundane supplies…there is nothing of real value here.

We go back inside and investigate the last corner of the Upper Halls yet unexplored, the…

The Maze

A cramped series of winding hallways weave around columns. The columns and walls are covered with carvings of menacing fey creatures. (treants, dryads, mysterious fanged critters all eyes and teeth)

Our first tentative steps towards exploring this pitch-black maze result in the party falling victim to the teleportation magic of the pillars themselves. Both Bullpa and Kuzo get separated from the group and bamphed to theback of the maze.

Seconds later, the team makes out luminous clouds of tiny, winged humanoids with pitch-black skin. We all brace ourselves for a tough fight.

Luckily, Miri identifies these creatures as Umbral Sprites, dark fey that are closely tied to the Shadowfell. She knows that they are often used as lackeys or guards. Using her telepathic powers, Miri tries to communicate with them. She sends them a message saying that we are here to deliver this once-holy place from the forces of darkness.

The sprites are unconvinced, until Kinn approaches them diplomatically, citing his own Elven heritage (and rolling 28). The sprites stand down and divulge some interesting facts about the history of this place.

The Sprites’ Story

Being immortal- and trapped inside the maze- the sprites are really fuzzy when it comes to dates.

Lord Heston

The fortress of ElfHold was once ruled over by the mighty Lord Heston. These halls were both sacred to Corellon and a treasure trove of Elven riches. Many threats to ElfHold emerged. The elves eventually left, save Lord Heston, who took steps to personally protect this place:
*He created a series of deadly traps that could withstand the test of time (probably magical in nature).
*He bound the umbral sprites to this maze to protect the many treasures there. (They can’t escape)
*He performed a powerful ritual that turned himself into an undying guardian of the Upper Halls (a.k.a. the baenlorn).

The Dark Wizard

Eventually, a powerful dark wizard assaulted ElfHold. The sprites say that:
*They don’t know his name.
*He was once a man, but had changed into something inhuman by the time he attacked ElfHold. (could it be Acerak?)
*He overpowered the umbral sprites and stole their treasures.
*He took these treasures into the Lower Halls of ElfHold.
*The Dark Wizard was powerful enough to destroy all of ElfHold, but chose to leave it intact. But why?

The sprites go on to tell usa little about…

The Lower Halls of ElfHold

As we leave, they tell us that beneath this level:
*There are more tombs, including places where Corellon’s Heroes were buried.
*Part of the lower halls are at least partially flooded.
*There are many, many devious traps.
*There’s something… else down there. Something dark, but we don’t know what.

Away We Go

We go back to the Entrance Hall and spoil/trash the supplies, so they will be of no useto anyone. We then leave through the front doors and find our way back w/o much trouble (well, except for Eirik).

As we head back, we realize that the signs of goblins are largely gone now. We certainly have killed a lot of the little bastards. Perhaps King Snurri has learned not to bother pestering us with minions of inferior quality?

I Don't Wanna Go Down to the (Elven) Basement

Back to Sunhaven

Team Black & Proud regroups back at Seamus’ to discuss the broken phylactery they found deep beneath the old Elven Fortress, in a crypt of a powerful Eladrin undead.

Seamus & the Phylactery

Seamus studies the object carefully. When the party asks if it belongs to a lich, the gnome isn’t so sure. He finds it odd, because no lich worth his salt would allow his phylactery to be damaged in this way. He wonders if it may be the phylactery may not belong to the baddie we slew, but to another lich? He notices some old, Eladrin runes on the phylactery that identify it as the property of “Lord Heston”.

*Miri recognizes the name as being associated with the old Elven kingdom north of Sunhaven.
*Kinn recalls tales involving Elves, particularly magic-using ones, turning themselves into “Baelnorn”: special liches that guard something of special value to the elves.

Seamus interrupts to say even if that creature was a Baelnorn, it would have repaired its phylactery. He does notice here is some strange powder (possibly Bolivian Marching) in the bottom of the phylactery that he can’t explain. He’ll have to run some tests on it. Tests that involve a rolled-up twenty dollar bill.

Back to the Dungeon Beneath the Old Elven Fortress:

Team B&P notices that there’s been some activity around the fortress since they were there last. Obviously creatures have been in and out of there and stripped both the barn and house. Furniture, harnesses, tack… it’s all gone! Lots of footprints dot the area… including some that belong to some giant feet.

Team B&P speculates wildly about the owner of those feet. Could it be… Lord Slanket!?!?! Lord Snuggi?!?! Lord Snurri?!?!

Heads of State

We retrace our steps and encounter a locked door. Kuzo examines and picks it like an ogre’s nostril (with a dagger). It opens up into a room.

*At the back of the room there are stairs that go DOWN!
*Flanking the stairs are a pair of statues depicting elven warriors.
*Although the statues are stone… the heads are, in fact, SEVERED HUMANOID HEADS.
*The heads are old and jerkied. Possibly seasoned with secret herbs and/or spices.
*Necromantic magic permeates the area… seemingly eminating from the heads themselves.
*Team B&P elects to (bravely) choose another route, closing and spiking the door to this chamber on their way out.

The Baelnorn’s Lair

The team revisits the “lich’s” crypt. In the sarcophagus- wenotice that the lining has been torn away and a stylized skull (without a lower jaw) is carved into the wood. It’s very nicely done… but weird. No one recognizes its origin. The team decides to continue, except for Deverin. He elects to stay behind and rub one out.

The Trapped Hallway

We make our way to a narrow hallway. A complex mosaic of leaves and vines snakes down the floor of the hall. The pattern appears to be sacred to Corellon. Every ten feet, the hall is flanked by a pair of wooden status of Eladrin warriors, spears at the ready. Kuzo belives that the statues are traps (he can tell that they are articulated), but he can’t determine what mechanism may set them off. Bullpa attempts to disarm the the trap, by hacking the first pair of statues into kindling. As he advances down the hall, intent on destroying the rest, he triggers a floor switch and the statues thrust their spears into the hallway.

*Miri uses telekinesis to raise Bullpa off the floor (the statues deactivate) and float him safely down the hall.
*Kuzo uses his slippers of spider climb and runs down the length of the hall on the ceiling.
*Verna determines that the floor trigger is magical- not mechanical.
*The party rigs a rope in the hallway, allowing for everyone else to climb across safely.
*We advance to the next room!

The Glowing Pool

This room is dominated by a large pool of glowing water, flanked by a series of ornately carved pillars thatl ook like tree trunks. The surface of the pool is strangely… active.

Suddenly, a gaggle of SIX SLAADPOLES burst from the surface of the pool. OH FUCK! A bloody battle ensues. The slaad go insubstantial when hit. The pool churns when Bullpa near it and HE GETS HYP-MO-TIZED. Bullpa enters the pool and starts losing healing surges. After annihilating the slaad (which appear to have been placed here to desecrate a site holy to Correllon), we explore the bottom of the pool.

In it, we find:

*about 20gp of coinage, including a platinum piece with a (+1) booger on it.
*A pair of magical, FLYLEAF VAMBRACES.

Return to the Elven Fortress Basement (cue ominous music!)


Party: Verna, Kinn, Nala, Deverin, Miri, Bullpa

Seamus offers us 50g for the circlet, which he tells us is an elven relic and exactly the sort of thing he’s looking for. The markings on the circlet seem to be related to some kind of ritual. He’s also made two potions for us from the dragon parts:
-2 potions of acid resistance (level 14, spend a healing surge and instead of healing, gain resist 10 acid until the end of encounter).

The party returns to the elven tower basement. There is no sign of activity above and no evidence that the hobgoblins have recovered from the previous assault. Everything in the basement is essentially as it was left. Bullpa unlocks a door with its key hanging next to it with ease. Inside there is a sunken area 10 feet lower than the rest of the room. In the sunken area is a large chair. On the left is another door. There’s a faint odor reminiscent of fire in the room, but the room is very dark and no one can see if anything is charred or burned. Verna investigates and finds that the chair and its insides have been burned. It looks a bit like someone was sitting in the chair when it burned. She also sees that on the wall facing the chair is a painting of a forest on fire and staggering out of it is an army of undead that look a bit elven. Miri checks out the painting and finds it odd that there would be such a painting depicting undead elves in the basement of an elven fortress. She realizes the painting is definitely magical and at that moment, the undead begin to march out of it. They are quickly dispatched and Kinn inspects the painting again and notices that there is something different and strange behind the painting itself. The door on the left opens and in steps a vaguely elven looking skeletal figure. He unleashes a pulse of energy that hits everyone hard, leaving them with a sense of deep despair.

Nala hits the painting with fire and some of the outer canvas burns away revealing another painting behind it with yet another forest scene depicted. Kinn scrapes more of the painting apart and sees more of the scene beneath which shows regal elves in shiny armor instead of the undead.

Finally the skeletal figure dies (the skeletal figure was wearing a magical +2 Robe of Scintillation – an at will power that lights it like a torch and daily power of close burst 2 that attacks all creatures in the burst and dazes them). The party then finishes ripping down the painting of the undead. It’s obvious to Kinn that the revealed painted was done by an elven artist. It depicts a gleaming city amongst the trees, and in the foreground is a fairy court scene with two central noble figures surrounded by armored figures and courtly looking folk. In the back room is a sarcophagus – it’s apparent that some kind of ritual was performed on it. The sarcophagus holds bits and pieces of some kind of magical item, and Miri guesses it was a phylactery. On the inside of the sarcophagus lid, there’s a carving of a stylized skull that none in the party has ever seen before. There is also an amulet inside (Amulet of Protection – +2 fort, reflex, will).

Storming the Elven Fort


Party: Kuzo, Deverin, Erik, Bullpa, Nala, and Kinn

The party travels into the woods again in search of the white tree and the Elven fort. They find the trail again and discover that the bodies from the previous fight are gone – it looks like they were packed up and moved off to the south. The ground is torn up and there is blood and stray pieces of armor from dead hob goblins.

The group decides to head on toward the tower through heavy, thick woods. After an hour they spot an Elven tower off in the distance. It’s graceful, slender and about four stories tall. They spot movement on the roof of the tower – a hobgoblin archer. There is smoke rising up somewhere past the tower.

Kuzo sneaks around the tower and discovers that it appears to be on the edge of a settlement. South of the tower is another stone tower, roughly the same size. Past the two towers there are a number of other buildings. At one building that looks like a stable, he sees a goblin go in and out a few times. The smoke seems to be coming from within a circle of tents. One goblin is turning something on a spit over the fire, while another is cleaning/maintaining a stack of armor.

The party decides to storm the first tower. Kuzo sneaks forward and peeks through the arrow slit and sees a really big humanoid creature on the ground floor. It has a whole, roasted bird in one hand, tears it in half and eats it whole. It bellows something in Goblish off toward another direction. Kuzo sneaks around to take a look toward the camp and the ogre bellows again and the two goblins tending the fire startle. Kuzo readies his crossbow at the fire-tending goblins, in the event they run toward him. As everyone else makes their way toward the tower, the archer notices them and cries “Alarm! Humans! No, crap, more dragon spawn! It’s both!”.

The party kills a fire-tending goblin quickly and take on the ogre. A few more goblins appear to aid the ogre. A fight ensues. The goblin archer shouts again: “It’s some adventurers! It’s not Atavex’s spawn again!” and a few hobgoblins rush in at the alarm. The party takes down the ogre. The remaining fire-tending goblin tries to run and Kuzo and Bullpa make him pay. Meanwhile, back at the tower, the archer shouts for the door to close. To the party’s horror the door slams shut and they hear a large bar fall, blocking it into place, trapping Deverin inside…alone with a hobgoblin. Bullpa shoves at the door and breaks the door open. Deverin decapitates the remaining hobgoblin with a fierce axe attack as well as a hobgoblin on top of the tower. One remaining hobgoblin shouts in search of others and hears nothing in return. The party, minus Erik who stays at the door to stand guard, charges to the top of the tower and finds the hobgoblin prepared to send a flaming arrow signal toward the sky, threatening to alert troops below. Deverin races toward him and knocks him off the side of the tower. The hobgoblin barely survives to run off screaming into the woods.

Searching the tower, the party finds a leather pouch with 40 gold coins and 2 silver cups worth about 50 gold each. The ogre is wearing a bronze medallion around his neck with a familiar looking image on it – a picture of a very square jawed looking man with a short beard. It says Snury Regis.

Looking out from the tower, they see two hobgoblins on the ground coming out of a small house. The hobgoblins notice and begin whispering to each other. One yells something and 11 big hobgoblins come out of the other tower and start moving toward the party. The party is spotted and the hobgoblins advance. Fighting ensues. As the last hobgoblin dies, he shouts “Go below and warn the commander! King Snury’s protection wasn’t worth shit!”

In the ruined tower, there is a flight of stairs going down: unexplored
In house the hobgoblins came out of: captain’s quarters, hanging on the wall: painting of a bunch of giants and it’s expertly done – (fire) giant with red hair on a throne (gold crown), giant sword on his knee, standing below is a (frost) pale blue skinned giant with white hair and a silver crown with a big axe, kneeling on the next stair below is a smaller giant with leather thong tied around head with an enormous club.

Loot: 12 pouches with 20g in each (240 g), and a leather pouch with 40 gold coins and 2 silver cups worth about 50 gold each

B&P to the Elf Basement

Kuzo, Erik, Bullpa, Kinn, Miri, and Verna leave from town and go back to the elf ruins. They venture into the basement of the elf tower. There is a flight of stairs on each side, each ending with a closed door. The door on the right has a bar across it with a chain and padlock. A key hangs from a chain nailed to the bar. The door to the left is closed but not barred. Kuzo checks the door with the bar. He notices that the fittings look newer than the door itself. The unbarred door is not locked. There are voiced heard on the other side. The party decides to check out who is speaking on the other side of the door.

They bust open the door and discover six hobgoblins. The party disturbed a conversation the hobgoblins were having with a booming voice; the source of the voice is not discovered. During the fight, one of the hobgoblins yells something and opens a door to the right of the door that the adventures entered from. From this door is heard a crackling fire sound and a flame snake emerges. It hits Miri and catches her on fire. Three fire bats fly out of the room behind the fire snake, spewing fire onto the party. The party ends up taking out everything but one hobgoblin that escaped.

After a short rest, the party moves into the room that the snake and fire bats flew out of. A big fire blazes in the middle of the room. The fire has no smoke or smell and comes out of a round stone circle with symbols of the four elements engraved in it. On the far side is a leather sack with coins spilling out. With his special fire resistance armor, Bullpa walks over to the phat sack. The sack contains 310 gold pieces, a potion (of clarity), and a non-magical circlet made out of black stone (adamant) with the same symbols that surround the fire.

The party moves down the hall into a small room, filled with furniture stacked around. The party walks on down the hall. This hallway seems like it is not as well traveled. The hall leads to two doors; one is seemingly much older and bound in brass rather than iron. A half-eaten piece of food is found on the floor; it looks like it was freshly discarded. Faint footsteps go both ways. The party decides to open the old looking door. On both sides of the winding pathway the walls are frescoes painted, in which Miri identifies fey creatures. The paintings seem to be looking at you. The party does not enter the hallway, but instead close and bar this door. The party walks down the hallway toward the discarded jerky. After opening the far door, a skeleton filled pit is found. Two more doors (one near the walkway and one on the opposite side) are seen. Kuzo checks out the door on the left and finds that it would be hard to open. A hovering pedestal with a six inch diameter ball sits in the middle of the pit, with a walkway out to it on the left. The ball sits nicely in an impression. The skeletons in the pit have scraps of gear, but the gear looks like it has been badly corroded, except for one sword. The scabbard is ruined, but the sword is gleaming and bright. It is decided that Kuzo will go down into the pit to retrieve the sword. Bullpa ties a robe around Kuzo and starts to lower him down. Half way down, Kuzo hears a squishing noise. A gelatinous cube grabs him, dissolves the rope, and dazes him. A number of the skeletons slowly rise up.

After the cube and skeletons are dead, Bullpa and Erik – who are in the pit – notice that the floor gives a bit, like it is floating. Bullpa takes the sword, that turns out to be a +2 inescapable bastard sword. Most of the skeletons are human sized, a few small goblin sized, and a few large creatures. Ropes are lowered down to get Bullpa and Erik. Erik decides to move the ball. In the middle of the depression, a cylinder moves up from under where the ball sat and the floor of the pit moves up flush with the floor in the rest of the room. The party finds it strange that the pit contained nothing but rotten bones and the magic sword, since the gelatinous cube would leave behind any coin or other metal objects. Perhaps the cube is used as a means of execution?

Loot Total
310 gold pieces
(1) potion of clarity
(1) +2 inescapable bastard sword
(1) non-magical circlet of adamant

Characters that need to level before next game
Erik to 4
Kinn to 4
Kuzo to 5

Temple of Evil Elements


Returning to the Silt Lake Tower were Asteron, Awayn, Crescent, Deverin, Lord Fionn and Squab Hollowbone. In the basement, beyond the passage underneath the tower, a corridor leads off. This passage is carved out of the natural stone bedrock of the island, as opposed tooled stone in the rest of the keep. Iron and wood doors lie at the end of the corridor; in bass relief, is the image of a horrifying, other worldly creature, Demigorgon, a demon prince. Also included are faint images of his cultists, surrounding an altar, perform a ritual. The door’s seam bisects the image’s heads. The door is magically and physically locked.

Attempting to pick the complex lock, the members combine their abilities to open the door. Beyond is a large room. The floor is inscribed with runes underneath an altar. A magical aura emanates from the altar.

Three Neldrazu appear and summon walls of fire, lightening, and acid. The altar covers with frost, filling the chamber with a bitter cold. Battle is joined; the demons use their powers to atempt to isolate the members of the party behind the deadly elemental barriers. After a tough fight, the demons are put down. During the battle Squab, Deverin and Fionn manage to nullify the arcane cold coming from the altar.

The walls behind the altar are covered with frescoes depicting Demigorgon and his followers triumphant over all of his enemies.

Inside the hollow altar is a big, ancient skeleton, its bones degenerating. It is wearing a medallion, a holy symbol of Kord, and chain-mail armor.

1. +1 Exalted Chainmail (Eric)
2. +1 Ghostmask (Steph)
3. Polyglot Gem – Abyssal (Party)

A nearby guard room opens to the lake through a low cavern. Smashed animal crates lay broken near a rotten meal on a wooden table. A wave of manta rays emerge from the water, flying towards the party in anger. After defeating the rays, the leader flees, cursing all in abyssal. They were Ixitatchtl, demonic servants of Demigorgon native to the elemental chaos.

The cages contained unknown creatures; one contains feathers and hair. All had apparently been freed and now roam the Wilds at will.

Back to the basement
Hydras and Zombies and Swarms, oh my!


Fionn, Asteron, Crescent, Awayn, and Nala return to the Haunted Island to explore the basement of the Wizard’s Tower. Nala shows the others Marrow’s Journal which details his experiments as well as a few other items of interest.

The party set fourth in the wagon with the boat on board. After scaling the cliff surrounding the island, they come across a scene of carnage on the ground floor – apparently the fallout of the last battle has not been cleaned up, no doubt due to Marrow’s own death. The group carefully trigger the trap and lower themselves into the basement.

Asteron and Crescent toss the body of a lizardman recovered from the floor above towards the strange, derranged beast, which from Marrow’s diary entries they believe to be a hydra-headed hybrid golem. He tosses it aside, uninterested. The party charged, eying the disintegrating stapel holding the beast chained to the far wall. After a very tough fight, in which Awayn is nearly done in, the creature was felled. On the wall, underneath the staple is a junk collection containing:

1. +2 Robe of Eyes
2. +1 Amulet of Health

In addition a pair of Everburning Torches are collected from scones just outside the room, down the corridor to the south.

Following the passage beyond, the party find a guard chamber with mundane weapons and rotten food. The other direction is a chamber with a terrified caged hafling who seems half mad. He thinks the party members are hallucinations. Awayn unlocks the door. He identifies himself as Sam – known to his friends as Nugget.

In the adjacent cell, a pair of maggot infested zombies rise. Pounding through the cell door, the party meets the foul creatures; upon destruction, they revert to writhing maggot swarms. Sam screams in terror at the sight of the horrid rot grubs, and it is apparent that he has been fending them off for a considerable time. After the last grubs were defeated, the poor halfling deals the greasy corpses a few final blows.

A dead half-orc sits in a nearby cage, his skull marked with suture marks. The rot grub zombies – a dwarf and human – and the hapless half-orc aturn out to be Sam’s adventuring companions, all captured several days ago by Marrow. Apparently, whatever experiment – brain transplant? – was conducted on the poor half-orc turned out to be terminal.

The doorway beyond the dungeon leads to a massive, brass-bound door. Still smarting from the combat with the golem and the zombies, the group elect to return to Sunhaven before pressing on any further. They take a very grateful Sam ack to town with them.


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