West Athens Marches

The Ruined Church


The Evil Church

Following the victory over the undead in the cemetery, Asteron, Awayn, Crescent, Fionn, Lucan and Squab Hollowbone elect to investigate the ruins of the church building itself.

The old church is a former imperial church of Pelor. The windows are mostly broken and the doors are ajar. Peering through the door, the Ranger Lucan scouts the interior. A bell tower rises in the far corner. A trail of blood and body part lead to a huge pile of bones in the center. Spiderwebs fill the nooks and crannies. Lit torches in sconces offer dim illumination. Skeletons of bats lie near a stairwell along with skeleton hands, all broken.

A swarm of spiders change out of the darkness. After a surprisingly difficult combat, they are destroyed or fled. Fionn uncovers and claims a pair of magical bracers left by some former unfortunate victim.

A spiral staircase leads down to a crypt beneath the church, where a cadre of zombies and more skeletal archers await. One of the zombies splits horribly in half at the first blow, releasing a swarm of undead rats. The zombies skin rises moments later and continues to threaten the group. All are eventually destroyed, thanks to timely use of potent spells and disciplines by Fionn, Awayn and the Runepriest Asteron. A catacomb discovered past the crypt leads to more undead, ghouls and wights which are rapidly destroyed, and ultimately to a finished room, a seeming wizard’s study, where treasures and a journal are uncovered.

In the catacombs, the group also uncovered a strange door, marked with many magical symbols and runes, which they were not able to open.

Treasure taken:

Bracers of the Perfect Shot
Firestorm Arrows (3)
Amulet of Health
180 gold pieces
A mithral amulet worth 200 gold
Alcehmical materials and items worth 220 gold.

Caverns and other things

Kuzo, Verna, Miri, Bullpa and Deverin decided to go back to the smithy to further investigate the cave beside it. A large four legged clawed creature’s footprints are found outside one of the entrances to the cave. Verna also found brown feathers between 8 – 10 inches near the avian footprints. At the other entrance to the cave was a big piles of bones, which the party decided to enter through. Kuzo sneaked ahead and saw more gnawed on and charred bones. Further in was a sleeping cot and in an adjacent room a huge bird-like nest. Kuzo also spotted the hole he looked in through the wall. While Bullpa went further into the room with the nest, Kuzo carefully stuck down another passageway and found another nest. Deverin examineed the cot and found a big leather sack. Kuzo heard noises outside the mouth of the cave. The group decided to leave.

After discussion, the adventures decided to travel to the Mile Fort. While approaching a guard-post, they spotted 5 kobolds on a broken tower. A fight breaks out. After taking care of the kobolds with their buckets of centipede swarms, they traveled on to the Mile Fort.

With the door barred from the inside, Bullpa climbed on top of the wall. He viewed a retard of kobolds training, with a 5 story tower to the far right, a stable close to the left, and a building in better shape at the far left. Bullpa dropped down to the other side, kicked the prop off of the door, and swung the door open.

After the killing the krenshar, the chief kobold, and a number of other kolbods, the party spoke to the last surviving kobold, Meebo. He says, “We don’t go into the tower. It was perfect, so some kodbolds moved it. It did not work out well for them. Every month on the new moon, the tower looks undamaged. Don’t go in there!” Meebo goes on to say, “Croocknose had a vision that he could lead our tribe to the greatest in the wild. Something here would cause us to be invincible. Also, up tower road, there are these giants that have grand plans, with goblins working for them. They demanded our treasure and in return we got nothing.”

In the structure, some treasure and an old journal are uncovered.

As we watch, the sun sets, the tower changes to an undamaged structure and glows. . . .

Treasure taken:

Boots of Spider Climb
+1 Dwarven Thrower Execution Axe
Kruthik Potion
Aquamarine game (50 gp)
100 sp
40 gp

Basement of Very Dead Things

March 23, NR 52

Kuzo, Nala, Miri, Bulpaand Erichead down to the “basement of very dead things.” The basement itself is empty, but a smallish hole leads to a natural cavern, where they group encounter the undead remains of the apprentices – four zombies and two rotting things that fling bits of their own flesh at the party. The zombies shamble to the fore, cutting off the group from the corruption corpses, which manage to drop Erik with a volley of foul missiles. After knocking out a few zombies Bullpa feeds Eric a potion to revive him. Ultimately the party is victorious.

Evidence suggests that water from the basement broke through the wall and flooded into the cavern some time ago. A small exit or drain is discovered – Kuzo wriggles his way through this and finds himself looking down into a larger chamber. In the distance is the faint glow of daylight. The chamber contains a pair of odd looking nests and a large – over nine foot – pallet bed.

The decision is taken to scout out the cave entrance from the outside. After some searching, the group are able to locate it and the bottom of a small cliff not far from the smithy. Numerous tracks – large humanoid and something else – are pressed into the dirt outside the entrance. A large midden heap of bones, mostly animal but a few humanoid, lies close at hand. Such dire portents convince the group that a return to Sunhaven is in order, and the five retire back to the safety of town.

Mill Take 2

March 22, NR 52

Kuzo, Deverin, Nala, Verna, Bullpa, and Miri gather back at the the Bronze Dragon Inn after visiting the mill. They asked around to see if anyone knew what / who “King Snurri” is (text that was on the silver pendant worn by Ironbite.) No answers were given, so they returned to the mill.

At the mill, small to medium sized footprints were spotted. Voices were heard arguing in goblin down the hill, in the direction of the smithy. Kuzo and Verna sneaked down the hill and spotted the smithy building. There were seven goblins with one riding a boar. The goblins seemed to be discussing whether to go into the smithy and to be looking for something.

After Verna failed to converse with the goblins, a fight broke out. After the battle, 3 burlap sacks of coins worth 260gps total were found in the boar’s saddle bags. The rest was just swag armor and weapons.

On the smithy’s door was a painted note stating, “Ironbite sez 2 stay out!”

It was decided to rip the boards off the the windows in order to see what was inside. Peeking in, the group spot three forges on the wall opposite the windows. In front of each forge is an anvil. One can see machinery that goes from the water wheel to trip hammers on each of the three anvils. One of the anvils had been moved. Crates and bodies were strewn throughout the room. The bodies were in different degrees of decay – from skeletons to just a couple of days old.

Bullpa decided to smash the door in. Nothing else was noticed, so Bullpa and Deverin decided to step in. Scratch marks were discovered on the floor, and traces of a trap door underneath the anvil that had been moved. While Verna watched from a window, the rest of the party made their way in. A hole about 1 meter has been knocked into the wall next to the waterwheel. Water trickled in. Cracking noises were heard above and dust fell from the ceiling. The trip hammers started to turn, while mist rose up from between the floor tiles. A ghostly looking dwarf appeared in the middle of the room. His eyes blazed while the mist grew thick, so thick that the ghostly dwarf was hidden. Battle ensued. Once the dwarf was hit a few times, he disappeared and many skeletons rose up from the ground. When a skeleton was smashed, the mist went back through the tiles below. Once all the skeletons were dispatched, the ghostly dwarf reappeared. Once he was bloodied, his concealing mist dissipated. After the ghostly dwarf took some more blows, he again disappeared and more skeletons rose up. Once again, when the skeletons were demolished, the ghostly dwarf rose up from the mist.

This time, the party was able to strike a defeating blow to the ghost, making the mist swirl, and it formed into the shade of a sad looking dwarf. In common he speaks, “Thank you for putting my soul to rest. The circumstances of my death were such that I have been overwhelmed by rage.” He explained that, many years prior, as the old Empire fell to hordes of barbarians in the west, those same barbarians made allies of lizard men from the swamps. Fighting came to the smithy, where the lizard men killed him and flooded the basement where his apprentices hid. Many years have passed since then, exactly how many the dwarf did not know. Goblins have recently tried to take over the smithy, but the dwarf struck down any that came in. The ghostly dwarf also told the party that the bodies downstairs were not properly laid to rest, and asked the group to do so. In return, he told them that within his forge was hidden a magic staff.


260 gold pieces in coin
+1 staff of fiery might

Cartography for Dummies

Log for Thursday, Oct 7 2010

Game date March 20, NR 52

A new band of adventurers gathers in Sunhaven in The Bronze Dragon Inn, a newly opened business. Cait, the Elven bartender, was a former adventurer who caters those in the business.

Sitting at the table are Asteron, a Minotaur Rune Priest, Crescent, a Shifter Warden, Lucan, an Elven Ranger, Awayn, an Elven Monk, and Squab the Kenku Sorcerer.

Lucan revealed that he’d been conned by a half-elf bard named Allyn, and lost his adventuring nest egg. Following a tip, the Ranger followed the trail to the Bronze Dragon, where Allyn was last seen on his way to the Wild. Allyn, Cait revealed, was buried in the beggar’s graveyard north of town. He was killed by someone named Ebb, who was locked away for the act about a week ago.

Lucan claimed Allyn’s belonging from Cait. Inside was a note and three treasure maps. Someone named Kerr tasked Allyn to deceive competing adventuring parties and form his own party to claim a treasure, sending the dupes on wild goose chases. An Eladrin Wizard named Fionn was named in the letter in a negative way. He was unfamiliar to the innkeeper.

The party left the town the next morning seeking the first landmark on one of the maps. Following a trail indicated by some marked trees, the party reached the ruins of the Summoner’s Tower. In a grove beyond a dead tree depicted on their treasure map, the group encountered a tangle of undead vines hanging from the trees. A similarly undead cockatrice attacked. After felling the undead creatures, the X on the map revealed no treasure. Map #1 was a fake.

Returning to the road and heading west, the group reached a band in the road leading north. The elves spotted a black dragon flying over a lake far to the south. Thankful their path lay to the north, the party pressed on.

Exiting the road according to the Map #2, and finding the a rock formation depicted on the map, Asteron noticed the body of a hobgoblin lying in a tilled patch of land. Approaching the patch, a pack of undead Grave Hounds emerged from the ground. Crescent showed his worth by single-handedly destroying half of the zombie dogs himself.

On the body of the Hobgoblin was a short sword and 90 GP. The group examined the disturbed ground closely but uncovered no treasure. Map #2 was a fake.

Following this disappointment it was decided to return to town to recover before pursuing map number three.

The Loot:
1. Short sword
2. 90 GP

Trouble Down at the Mill

For game played on Sept 26 2010

March 19, NR 42

Bulpa, Deverin, Erik, Kuzo, Miri, Nala and Verna, after considerable debate, elect to visit the old dwarfish mill about which they’d heard so much. After Kuzo and Verna scouted the area, the entire group moved into position to assault a small band of goblins and hobgoblins loitering near the raceway.

On of the goblins soon proved to be a capable summoner and the group were in combat with a number of minor summoned elemental creatures. As these were dispatched, the summoner became increasingly distraught and angry. Eventually all opponents were slain or driven off except for the summoner, who claimed to be an acolyte of Maglubyet, the goblin deity. He revealed that he’d used a ritual he uncovered in the now-destroyed summoner’s tower, but claimed his ritual book had been stolen by a “dragon man” – though he hinted that it was perhaps not a Dragonborn when Nala questioned him.

He rapidly spilled the beans about Irontooth’s hideout in the mill house itself, and claimed that the gang comprised of a good 15 or 20 more bandits, but that most were out either shaking down the local riff-raff or otherwise on business. Irontooth, the goblin claimed, took directions from a hill giant who visited the mill from time to time. He also averred that Irontooth wore a pair of magical boots, but gave no details.

In the millhouse itself the group fought a number of goblins and a large group of blood-sucking stirges, who seemed to avoid the goblins due to an aversion to some foul-smelling substance with which they’d smeared themselves. After a difficult close-quarters battle all were defeated. Ironbite was in fact wearing a pair of magical boots, as well as a finely-crafted medallion featuring a square-jawed man – or giant?? – with the words “Snurri Regis” written around the edge in giantish runes.

Summoner's Tower Revisited

(for adventure on 9/19/10)

Game date: March 16, NR 42

Bulpa, Deverin, Erik, Kuzo, Miri, and Nala head off without their ranger to practice their tracking skills, following the large footprints leading South. Soon they come across a stony patch and completely lose the footprints, but they are able see the Summoner’s Tower. Remembering the still intact planar portal in the basement, they decide to investigate the area with Bullpa, the only veteran present from the prior battles there.

As they approach the tower they see two Maw Demons inside and stop to draw them out of the tower ruins. The party maneuvers to advantage on the two maw demons, but the advantage backfires as four Abyssal Scavengers appear and surround Kuzo. The Maw Demons sicken the adventurers as they struggle through the battle. Kuzo is knocked out and healed back to consciousness twice as the party struggles on. Finally, the first Maw Demon falls and the tide begins to turn in the party’s favor. The fell beasts from the plane of elemental chaos are dispatched. The party finds a dead goblin nearby with 10 sp.

The intrepid band continues down into the basement. They re-visit the library and Bullpa notes that it has been thoroughly ransacked since he was last there.

Bullpa recalls a room that was left unexplored in the prior adventures. The wet slurping sounds can still be heard behind the door, and it appears that something was trying to open the door from this end. Bullpa pulls the spike out and the adventurers find a Prismatic Slime . The slime changes its elemental characteristics and attacks them with cold, acid, and thunder. The adventurers coordinate a heroic assault and manage to survive the encounter through their skill and a good bit of luck. It’s believed the slime was brought into being in the kitchen from leftovers / experiments / energy from the portal.

Inside the mess they find:
*Amulet of Resolution * (+1 fortitude, reflex, and will saves, and once daily re-roll a saving throw).


potion of clarity

The adventurers visit the summoning chamber. The planar portal is open in the middle of the room. (Has it grown?) Around the portal are a fire, earth, and water elemental. The elementals are wandering trapped inside a magic circle. In addition, the party notes another dead goblinoid, killed around the same time as the goblinoid outside. Graffiti on the wall declares in goblin that “this place property of Iron Bite!”

Has Iron Bite been attempting to exploit the planar portal?

The adventurers leave the imprisoned elementals and return to town.

Whiskey in the Jar

Game Date: March 15, NR 42

Verna, Bulpa, Nala, Miri, Erik, and Kuzo meet at the Lame Mare inn. Bulpa and Verna brief the newcomers on their knowledge of the area. The crew hears that the local cooper, “Jock” Kegtapper is looking for adventurers.

Jock explains that he knows that the Astinals, (whose demise was discovered in Prior Adventures) had kept 2 kegs of whiskey out at their farm. He had last visited a few years ago and the Astinals had never opened it (keeping it for trading purposes). The whiskey in the kegs would be 5 years old now if still intact, very old and valuable whiskey by frontier standards. He offers the party a reward to determine the fate of the barrels, and an extra reward for recovering them and bringing them to him. After some negotiation he offers the use of a mule for hauling the kegs back if they should be found.

Using the prior adventurers landmarks and knowledge, the group quickly arrives at the Astinal farm. They are attacked by 2 Adult, a Juvenile, and 6 Baby Ankheg that had taken up residence around the house well. The initial acid blast by the ankheg injured several party members, and the ankheg also grabbed several party members between their mandibles. Kuzo was even thrown into the well, intended to be food for the baby ankheg.

However, the ankheg were no match for the stalwart band. They were dispatched, and the party recovered 2 prize barrels full of whiskey from the basement. Kuzo explored the ankheg tunnels and found a purse containing 20 gold pieces and some additional large, ancient gold pieces from the last empire (these may have colllectible value to the right buyer, in weight alone they are worth about 50 gp.)

The party verified the value of the whiskey barrels and returned the mare to Jock and informed him of their success. Jock is offering 150 gp reward for the barrels, or if the party wants to they can “partner” with him when he sells them, 50% for jock and 50% for the party.

It seems that either of the two competing town inns, the “Lame Mare” or the “Bronze Dragon”, would appreciate getting the whiskey to increase their competitive edge as the town sees an influx of new adventurers to the area who have come seeking their fortunes.

What has come before

Drawn by the promise of treasures and adventure beyond reckoning, the doughty and bold adventurers Learas Traso, Verna, Bulpa, Brielle and Skaramos the Tiefling, with occasional aid from a few others, made several forays into the Wilds beyond the Barony of Westmarch.

They explored the remains of the Summoner’s Tower, a demolished stone structure that once housed a powerful mage, now a ruin. After several violent encounters with other-worldly creatures in the area around the tower, they found the truth in the dungeons beneath. A strange planar rift, too small and unstable for much to pass through, lingered in the tower’s basement. Energies from the Rift bathed the surrounding area in Elemental power, warping and changing the existing inhabitants. In addition, a pitiful Dretch, the least of demonkind, had come through the Rift and taken up residence in the tower ruins. Though the rift could not be closed by any power the group commanded, the dretch was less difficult to deal with and was rapidly dispatched.

Aside from the Tower, the same group explored the ruins of the Astinal Homestead north of the road. There they dispatched a meager band of brigands that had taken up residence in the farmhouse, as well as the bizarre wood-witch creature living in the barn. The warped creature was determined to be originally of the Shadowfell, a creature of death and darkness not native to the World. After some exploration, a strange well was uncovered and discovered to contain thirteen sets of human skeletons. A disturbing number, for there were also thirteen missing members of the Astinall family. And for each set of remains, a vengeful spirit emerged as night fell. While the ghosts were dealt with by the group’s martial and divine might, the well itself was left undisturbed, and whatever mysterious happenings took place here remain unexplored.

Following a map claimed from the bandits in the house, the party came last to the ruins of an old Imperial temple under the eaves of the Whill Wood north of the road. Far from deserted, the ancient shrine contained many undead creatures which were laid to rest by the party’s considerable efforts. Hints of a malign intelligence guiding the undead were plainly seen, but nothing more than hints.

With winter closing in, and the episode at the ruined temple behind them, the group settled in to their quarters – and the common room – at the Lame Mare for a long seasonal rest. All Winter long, the snows blew outside the Inn, as some would-be adventurers departed for the safety of the East, and others hopeful of making their fortunes arrived. Now Spring approaches at last, and with it the promise of new adventure beyond the River Wide . . .

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