West Athens Marches

Proud into the Whill Woods Blackness

Kinn, Miri, Bullpa, Verna, Erik, and Deverin gather to visit Seamus. They have the brain in the jar, which is sold for 100 gold. They then inquire about the items being made from the slain dragon. Since Seamus has not finished making the proposed items, the party asked about the lost Elven kingdom and artifacts Seamus is willing to pay 50 gp apiece for.

After leaving the shop, the adventures set out to the Whill Woods to try to find the fabled white tree, elven fort, and elven kingdom. Once in the woods, Goblin voices are heard coming from the Northeast. Verna sneaks ahead and views four large goblins marching towards her, one which is a bugbear, another a war caster. The hob-goblins spots her and yells out. During the fight, the bugbear flanks the party with three goblins riding wolves. The adventures battle with the enemies, in which two of the goblin riders get away.

  • The bugbear was carrying a purse containing (6) pouches, each with gold coins, totaling 40 gp.
  • The war caster has a black pearl in a pocket of his robes. While it is not magical, it does seem to be from another world.

After a quick rest, the Proud members decide to follow the goblin’s trail. It looked to be a hunting trail, maybe used by woodland creatures. After a few miles, they come across a tower that appears to be about 3 stories high. The woods around here a fairly heavy. On top of the tower, there appears to be an hobgoblin archer. A fire can be seen on the other side of the tower. Some of the the tracks around the tower appear to be a normal size, like human sized. There are also tracks that remind Verna of the ogres outside the cave.
Since the hour is late, the party decided to go back to Sunhaven, so Seamus can look at the pearl and get their drinking on at the tavern. He determines that the pearl came from the Shadowfell. Seamus buys it for 50 gold.

Loot Summary

  • 100 gp – brain in a jar
  • 40 gp – bugbear’s purse
  • 50 gp – black pearl
Haunted Island

Kuzo, Verna, Asteron, Fion, Squab, and Deverin elect to explore the island and tower in Silt lake rumored to be haunted by a dead wizard.

The party agrees to purchase a boat, a cart, and a draft horse from the party fund.

1. Horse -75GP
2. Cart – 20GP
3. Rowboat – 50GP
4. Party Split 222 GP
5. PC Split 221 GP/each

TSF Party Fund: 222 GP
TSF Party Split: + 221 GP

Fion casts a ritual seeking the voices of the street who told him to seek a priest of Ioun. Unfortunately, there is no temple to Ioun in Sunhaven. Seeking knowledge from Seamus, he tell us that the only priest of Ioun lived in Sunhaven during the adventuring boom two decades ago. Davian Milner, the priest of Pelor, was friendly with him. In exchange for the Black Dragon components, he offer a in-kind trade for alchemical items. As an advance, he offers two healing potions. Squab buys a potion of clarity.

Davian, the priest, is happy to greet the party. He offers news about the destruction of the foul Ranaris, the would-be lich, which TSF brought the remains of to an acolyte of the temple. Apparently, he was no lich; he was a puppet of Ranaris, a reanimated corpse manipulated from a distance by the necromancer. Ranaris is very probably alive somewhere; however, the body of his construct was destroyed.

Fion inquires about the priest of Ioun, Lorick. Years ago, a pair of elven warriors returned from the Wild carrying the bodies of their adventuring companions. They took the corpses to the temple of Ioun, where Lorick raised two of their human companions from the dead. The un-resurrected body, a wizard, was left in his care, with a promise to return. After another bad raid into the Wild, the adventurers disappeared. After a time, Lorick too disappeared; the shrine fell into disrepair, eventually being rededicated to Melora.

Hitching the boat to the wagon, the party sets out for Silt Lake.

On the island in the lake, the squat 60’ tower sits. Rowing to the island, they see a sandbar on the NE corner. A staircase snakes towards the tower up the shore. No signs of life amongst the scrub trees. Verna and Kuzo sneak up to the door and spot some human-sized tracks, possibly lizardmen, leading in and out of the tower and down the shoreline stairs.

Rushing the first floor, the party finds a mostly-empty room, a uneaten meal on a table and a spiral staircase leading upstairs. One corner is curtained-off. Six lizardmen emerge from the dim light and attack, their skin changing color as they fade into view. The creatures are clearly dominated and fight to the death to the last man. After dispatching the foes, the party searches the first floor of the tower.

1. 4 Electrum Torcs worth 240 GP total

Sneaking upstairs, the group are stopped by a portcullis covering the doorway. A bizarre scene unfolds: a weird looking creature, a tentacled snake corralled by a group of frightened lizardmen. On the wall are a trio of levers; moving the middle lever up activates a trap! The stairs collapsed, becoming a slide. The portcullis slides down, blocking the first floor entrance. A pit opens up beneath the first floor landing revealing a 20’ pit. Asteron and Squab managed to hold onto the edge of the pit.

Falling to the pit, the rest of the party crashes into a deep cavern. Chained to the wall just out of reach of the cavern is a massive scarred creature, a strange amalgam of lizardman and something else, with a long snake-like neck topped by a massive head with a cruel beak. It howls, stretching the chain to its maximum.

Climbing up with his Boots of Spider Climb, Kuzo strides to the top of the stairs, flipping all the levers upwards, restoring the stairs to normal. Climbing out via Asteron’s rope, they make their way upstairs. They meet the lizardmen (also charmed) and a grick in combat.

The Grick is surprisingly tough, casting a powerful fire spell. A huge scar runs down the back of its head, underneath bloody bandages. Following a difficult combat, an autopsy reveals the brain has been replaced with another creature’s brain.

1. Grick’s Brain
2. +1 Skybound Leather Armor (?)

Dungeons and _______.
Fill in the blank

Asteron, Awayn, Miri, Kuzo, and Bullpa set out to explore the Baron’s abandoned hunting lodge south of Silt Lake. Following the River Wide south, the trip is uneventful. Marshy terrain surrounds the dwarven dam that creates the lake; water sloshes over the top of the dam and makes its way eventually into the Wide.. Following the lakeshore south into a lightly wooded area a row of hills is visible far to the south. The opposite shore is barely visible across the glassy surface of the water.

A large number of small tracks lead towards the lodge, but the trail is quickly lost. Moving in the direction of the trail, the lodge becomes visible. Surrounded by a 12’ stone wall, the lodge is more of a keep than a simple structure. Approaching the lodge from the north, a large collapsed barn is visible outside the wall. No movement is noticed.

Awayn and Kuzo sneak ahead to the stone wall. Some traffic leads between the wall and the nearby barn. Inspecting the tracks, they determine they are Kobold tracks. Whispers in a unfamiliar language in the tower accompanied by a stench.

The group move in through a gap in the semi-ruined wall and is quickly in combat with kobolds driving swarms of rats before them. The kobolds are quickly overcome and either die or flee; their rather meager treasure is found stuffed in a filthy mattress inside the tower.

1. 60 CP
2. Lesser Elixir of Invisibility (Kuzo)

In the lodge house proper, a large treasure horde sits in the middle of the room. Red eyes peer from the SE tower and kobolds are spotted in the NE tower, but neither potential foe venture into the open. Miri notices the kobolds frequently glance skywards – is this a dragon’s horde?

Awayn and Anshar rush through the window and begin to examine the pile of loot.

1. 170 GP
2. 3 Stone Sculptures of Giants 300 GP
3. Mithril Ring (with Draconic inscription) 250 GP

A heavy locked chest sits in the horde. Inspecting it, Kuzo discovers a trap. After a tense moment, the trap is disarmed, a glass vial of black liquid – acid. Inside, wrapped in a cloth, are three objects:

4. +1 Orb of Nimble Thoughts (Miri)
5. +1 Avalanche Warhammer (Asteron)
6. +1 Cape of the Mountbank (Kuzo)

A shadow passes over the sun. A black dragon! After issuing a few threats, the dragon attacks. Retreating to the lodge house, the team makes a stand. Unfortunately, the dragon stuns Miri and Bullpa outside the door, forcing a confrontation in the courtyard. Belching a inky black ichor coating the entire courtyard, the dragon casts the group into darkness. Slashing from the ichor, the party battle back, surrounding the foul beast. They put it down after a great battle.

The broken tower contains six lizard-like creatures, drakes. They cower in fear. The remaining Kobolds flee in terror, lamenting Haseneth, their fallen dragon master.

Taking the head as a trophy along with some scales and the dragon’s heart, the group return to Sunhaven.

Treasure split.
144 GP
1 SP
All items distributed.

Shaar who?
How many beholders was that, again?

As the members of TSF look on in horror, a Beholder Gauth decends from the hole in the ceiling.

After a quick but brutally effective combat, the fiend fled, cursing Shaar-Tuuz and TSF and issuing a half-hearted rallying cry for his Bullywugs.

The Bullywugs croaked for “Shar-anz” – the fleeing Gauthm, presumably – in vain as TSF slaughtered them.

1. 40 GP
2. Dragon Statue (a Bezoar made of scales)
3. Mithril Rings (x3) Worth 150GP total
4. + 1 Dagger – Tooth of Chaos (Jon)

Some map scraps in the beholder’s study revealed a fort, a ruin, and a fork in the road further along. Visible from the top of Mile Fort II is a tower on the island in the lake far to the south. Also, the towers presumed to be the origin of the gargoyles loom to the northwest, four structures on the edge of the Whil Woods. No clues as to the identity of the myterious “Shaar Tuuz” are uncovered.

Consulting the voices of the street through a magic ritual, Fion learns the Whil woods is rumoured to be haunted, once the location of a great fey kingdom. No one knows what happened to the Elven empire nor the Dwarven empire of the south; the demihumans were rumored to retreat into their lands.

Whitey Garn is a trapper in the Whil Woods who stays east of the Cobb Hills, that separate the two woods. South of the Cobb hills was once an Elven outpost that marked the edge of the Elven Empire.

After spending the night in the tower, It was decided to travel to the Gargoyle Towers. The architecture is elven.

The first is tumbledown. The second has been inelegantly repaired with an eye for functionality. The third, in the distance, tower is surrounded by circling gargoyles.

Giving away the stealthier approach, Fionn accidentally alerts a tribe of hobgoblins repairing the second tower. A dozen or so charge TSF, who elect to exercise the better part of valor and withdraw.

BeatDown at the not-so-broken tower - Part IV

Nala and Miri went back to Sunhaven to stock up on provisions and rest in a nice feather bed at the inn. They met up with Erik and Deverin. After being filled in about the battle at the broken tower, Erik and Deverin trek out. Meanwhile, Kuzo, Bulpa, and Verna have checked out the Duergar bodies and taken a short rest. Once all the characters join back together, they burst through the door. They hear noises upstairs, which sound like guttural arguing. Kuzo and Verna quietly close the door and the rest of the crew notice a Duergar’s body laying on the stairs. The fallen Duergar has a swollen head and noticeable small bite marks. While checking out the body, a snake tries to sneak by the party. Deverin kills it with panache. A noise of tramping boots is heard. Two more snakes are seen on the second level. Verna kills one of the two snakes, then three gnolls appear. During the battle a mockery priest gnoll joins in the battle against the party. After dispatching the enemy, the party finds the gnoll’s traveling gear and some random empty sacks. The mockery priest also has a magic necklace (collar of recovery), which Deverin takes.

The party makes its way upstairs. The tower is not completely restored. There are two bone cages with an insect creature held within each. A gnoll is having a conversation with a medium sized beholder in the far left hand corner. The gnoll and beholder are standing near a table with scrolls on it. Once the party is discovered by the beholder (Sharr-tuuz), the bone cages fall to the floor, releasing the rust monsters. When party drops Sharr-tuuz, the gnoll runs over to a hole in the ceiling and leaps out. The party takes out the two rust monsters, then they clean off the rust from their weapons. Unfortunately, the cleric’s armor was destroyed. On the table with the scrolls, a +2 challenge dagger was found which Kuzo takes. A collection of notes with a lot of drawings and map pieces are found on the table. We gather from these scraps of paper that the goth’s plan was to capture different critters and sell them to other creatures.

A trip to the basement is uneventful. Everything looks to be the same . . . or does it?

Mr. Toad's Untimely Demise
More Towers, More Troubles


The group brings the corpse of Renaris the Necromancer to Seamus the Gnome alchemist. Somewhat surprised at the appearance of a dead undead, Seamus supports our plan to hand the corpse over to the Temple of Pelor for destruction. They removed a hand for later scrying purposes, storing it in a jar.

The acolyte of Pelor is horrified at the appearance of the undead creature. He reluctantly agrees consult with his master in the destruction of Renaris’s corpse.

Seeking to investigate the tower from which the gargoyles originated, the Old Mile Fort II, west of the path to Renaris’s Lair. Far to the south of the road, a Cloudy Mountain is visible to the sharp-eved Elves.

Passing Old Mile Fort, they notice the scene of a massacre. A group of Kobolds, killed in combat, and stripped of valuables, lie dead. Well-made arrows, possibly human or elven, litter the battlefield. The fort, a relic of the old empire, consists of a 12’ stone stockade wall consisting of three buildings, a tower, a house, and a stable. More bodies, include a bizarre dog-like creature, a Krenshaur, spill out of the door of the house. The buildings have also been throughly ransacked.

Mile Fort II is a tower north of the road, an intact imperial stone tower surrounded by an overgrown underbrush. The doors, heavy wood facing the road, stands open; a green mold covers their surface.

Sneaking closer, the elves smell a rotten odor and hear water slashing. Stealing a glance inside, they notice the floor is dirt. And moving. Towards the party!

A group of Green Slimes slither towards Team Stab First. A group of Grey Oozes plop down from the upper level of the tower and a pair of bullywugs emerge with throaty croaked battle cries. After a tough battle involving multiple engulph-ments, the creatures were defeated. More croaking noises emminate from above. Retreating to the tree line opposite the tower, the party rests. A group of Bullywugs emerge, laying out there dead with a mournful croak.

After the rest, TSF explores the second level of the tower. Inside are over a dozen Bullywugs and a massive frog. After a tough fight, the final Bullywug dies. During the battle, the wizard knocked the giant frog onto the ground floor, only to be later seen hopping down the road.

From above, more croaking can be heard, along with another non-frog voice. In common, the new voice calls out, “Very well! I will descend and dispatch these invaders myself!” Suddenly, the wooden ceiling explodes and a 3-foot diameter beholder bursts into the room! “Shaar-Tuuz has sent you! I will present him with your corpses as a gift, the meddling bastard!”

No loot this week.

Back to the Tower, Part III (12/5/10)

Say it Loud
Not to be outdone by the new kids, Verna, Nala, Kuzo, Bulpa, and Brielle kick the session off by naming the group “Black & Proud”. High-fives all around. XP is gained as a result. Nala levels up after giving Bullpa daps. Thus named, our course of action becomes clear: head out and hassle Whitey. Whitey Garn, that is, Trapper-in-Residence at the Lame Mare.

Sticking it to Whitey:
After we run a press game on him, Whitey elaborated on two rumors circulating around town that had his name attached to them.

Buried Treasure Out in Whill Woods:
*The legendary White Oak? The same White Oaks that hides the Secret of Red Bill’s Buried Treasure / Curly’s Gold? Whitey admits that he has no fucking idea where it is.
*He does know about an unusual series of hills out in the middle of the woods to the North. They are home to giant, horse-sized spiders.
*There is also talk of an old, abandoned Elven Fort in the area.
*Finally, somewhere in the woods lies “Poison Creek”. Or maybe just a poison creek. We’re not entirely sure; we had been drinking.

The Summoner’s Tower:
Whitey saw a band of creepy, pale dwarves (positively identified as Duergar) leading a pair of scuttling, insectoid creatures (positively identified as WHATTHEFUCKKILLTHEMWITHFIRE) outside of town. They were headed towards the ruins of the old Summoner’s (a.k.a. The Broken Tower).

Along the Way…
Suspicious of all the activity surrounding the old Tower (first the explosion, then Iron Bite’s goons, now the Duergar), we head South to investigate with the quickness.

Along the way, we spot two large, winged creatures flying off in the distance (they’re headed North). Kuzo rolls a 1 and positively identifies the creatures as a mated pair of Pegashrimp. Verna rolls something like a 36 and positively identifies them as a Manticores. We decide to go with Verna on this one.

Not So Ruined Anymore…
Upon arriving at the old Summoner’s Tower, we immediately notice two things:

  1. it shows signs of being rebuilt
  2. someone left a dead Giant in the front yard.

*The big chunks of masonry that once littered the field around the tower are all gone now.
*A fallen tree lies off to the side.
*The once-blasted top of the tower, although not completely restored, is mostly repaired.

Big Stinky Giant:
*It’s the corpse of a Hill Giant. Dead about a week. WHY!?! He had so much to live for.
*Oh, and he’s all bloaty.
*There are unusual wounds all over his body… possibly burns? From magical fire?
*Aside from ants (lots and lots of ANTS), scavengers seem to have left the carcass alone.
*The giant’s metal gear has, for the most part, rusted away.
*Random garbage is left scattered about the corpse (polished bones, an empty sack, cheap dorm-room furniture, and a few large stone spheres)

The Tower Opens!
As we investigate the dead giant (i.e. poke it with a stick), a duergar sticks his head out of the Tower’s door, demanding that we get the fuck off his lawn.
*We try to talk it out, but he refuses to tell us why he’s at the tower. He does tell us that his boss, named “SHAR-TUZ”, killed the giant out front… and will do the same to us.
*We all laugh at him and start referring to his boss as “Chartreuse”.
*The Duergar doesn’t like this at all… and he storms out of the Tower with his allies. Not only that, but several crossbow-wielding Duergar scouts de-cloak and attack!
*Combat/hilarity ensues.

Tower Battle III:
Black & Proud


2 x Duergar Warriors
3 x Duergar Miners (scrubs)
3 x Duergar Scouts

It’s a short fight. They are dwarves, after all. But it’s a brutal one. The end result is six dead Duergar. One scout escapes into the wilderness. Another scout slams the Tower door shut. He is holed up in there with God-knows-what else. We spike the doors and take 5.

*6 x Mithril Rings (one for each Duergar) @ ~20gp each. Each is inscribed with a saying in Dwarven.
*1 x Potion of Healing

Team, stab first!
Ranaris meets his . . . doom?

12.02.10 The party was split between the tower and the circle of stones. Lucan stayed with "Two-Legs," the Hobgoblin, keeping watch for the Necromancer. The Goblinoids hid in the underground labratory while the remainder of TSF rested in the church tower.

A group approached the stone circle. Crab-like creatures, led on leashes, apparently are zombies. Further behind, another group of undead, surrounding a tall figure approach from behind the zombie and his pack. Two-Legs notified his kin and Lucan notified TSF! with an arrow. Stab First makes its way onto the roof while the ranger hides. Closing with TSF!, the undead rank up.

After some indecision, the goblins join the fray, their numbers reduced by the skeletons. After a tough and fericious battle, the Necromancer was felled. Unbeliveably, the Necromancer survived, his neck twisted into an impossible position, taunting TSF! with stock insults. Apparently, the Necromancer was a stinking undead.

Searching the undead:

1. +2 Staff of Expansion (Lord Fionn)

2. 240 GP Asteron determined that the Necromancer was also a lich.

They returned to Sunhaven.

Team Stab First!!!
Fey and Spey

The group retreats to Sunhaven for food, sleep and unmentionables…

After a day or so or rest they meet in the Mare; after many drinks they try to come up with a name:

  • United Colors of Benneton
  • Manamal (Manster?)
  • Fey and Spey
  • Killdozer
  • Monty Feys Flying Circus
  • Beak and Pointed Ear Freaks
  • Galligators
  • Elf Powerz
  • Motherless Goats
  • Team Stab First (the clear winner)

Team Stab First decides to head back to the church after gathering some info in town. Fionn casts Seek Rumor and hears this: "Seamus the gnome alchemist has become very suspicious of one of his customers, and thinks that he should report him to his superiors."

TSF goes to see the alchemist. (Despite being short and named "Seamus," TSF's players do not attack.)  Seamus tells us a personage comes into town every few weeks. He describes a fellow as a tall gaunt human. TSF surmises this may be the Necromacer.

TSF shows Seamus the picture of the door under the church. Seamus knows that the glyphs are associated with Acerak. Centuries ago Acerak became a lich and then centuries after that became a demilich — something more than a lich, but less than a god. TSF and Seamus strike a bargain. Seamus agrees to give the party potions in exchange for information about the Necromancer whose activities they have been tracking.

TSF head out to the ruined church and are attacked by six gargoyles. Cresent charges into the midst of the group and does 32 points of damage (bitches). Then the runepriest tries to finish off the bloodied gargoyle, but does not succeed. Fionn drops the Fountain of Flame into the midst of the foes and Awayn then rushes into the fight. Three rounds later, the leader and one of its whelps escapes. The rest lie broken and burned. 

We make it back to the ominous door. Squab and and Fionn break one of the wards with their magic. Cresent detects one of the traps and Awayn helps picks the lock. Squab and Fionn break another ward, but after Awayn and Crescent fumble a few more traps a burst of necrotic energy erupts form the door, draining our energies and leaving us weakened. Our minds were also assaulted by a vision of a long hallway with Egyptian-like art of beast-headed creatures holding large circular objects.

And the trap reset. So we started again. Squab and Fionn cleared the magical auras, but the mechanical traps once again struck Awayn, so severely that she was nearly incapacitated.

Our best efforts spent, TSF retreated to the tower to camp for the night. During Lucan and Asteron watch we spied a bunch of goblins. Lucan and Awayn snuck over to the hole that came out near the standing stones.

The rest of the party worked their way over to the scene and Asteron pushed the stone over the goblins, trapping them except for a hobgoblin guard. Team Stab First ended up NOT living up to its name, and TALKING! The goblins tell us that they were searching for the necromancer who had been capturing their tribe members. Two-legs, the hobgoblin’s leader, agreed to throw in with TSF. The goblins agreed to stake out the lower halls and TSF would be in the church and tower. Lucan and Whiteeye were to stand guard on the stairs between the levels.

Spooky Glowing Tower

After spending the night in the house, Bullpa, Kuzo, Deverin, Verna, and Miri decide to check out the glowing tower. On the ground floor, swords and a banner hang from the walls. No signs of secret passages were found. The adventures go up the stairs to the next floor. This floor is a barracks, with beds and footlockers that all look to be in good condition. Kuzo opens a footlocker and finds various pieces of clothes, paper, writing utensils and other mundane items. Finding nothing of value, the adventures go up to the next floor.

This floor looks like it was used mostly for storage. Barrels of nails and such are found around the room. However, when someone glances out a window, an army is encamped around the fort. Dead bodies are laying around the courtyard. The sound of the trapdoor is heard from above. A young man wearing leather armor comes down the ladder and looks right through the adventures like they are not there. He looks out the window and yells to look toward the south. Kuzo looks toward the south and views many tents, sees an imperial looking man talking to an enormous man wearing a cloak. Something about this barbarian looks unnatural and creepy. During the conversation, the barbarian backhands the imperial looking man, binds him, and start piling kindling around his feet. The barbarians light the kindling, then points to the tower. Shouts and bowstrings are heard from above. Men come pouring into the storage room, frightened. Again, the men act like the adventures are not there. Some men from the window cry out. Kuzo looks out the window to see the barbarian chieftain eating chunks of meat from the burned imperial. Not wanting to come to the same fate, a few of the soldiers decide to thrust their swords into each other. The furniture and tapestries start to age and tatter. Outside, it is dark and the barbarians are gone.

Movement appears from one side of the room – the rabble on the ground turns into 6 undead wraith looking creatures. After a tough fight where both Deverin and Bullpa went down, the adventures defeat the pale reavers and climb up to the roof. Nothing special is found. However, there is a great view of the lake and a huge MF swamp to the west of the lake.

While they were were passing back through the barracks, a cloak is noticed hanging from a peg on the wall. In the pockets one potion of clarity, one elixir of aptitude and 3 potions of grave spawn and 40 gold are found.


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