Seamus Swifttalker

Owner of Seamus' Alchemical Emporium, a shop in Sunhaven


Seamus Swifttalker is the gnomish owner of the only alchemy shop in Sunhaven. He has poor eyesight which he corrects with a pair of lenses of his own invention. He styles a pair of large side-burns – facial hair is very rare on gnomes – and is so frugal that even he occasionally jokes that he’s half-dwarf. He drives a hard bargain for his goods and has little sympathy for anyone trying to appeal to his better nature in exchange for a better price – to his way of thinking, if one of his potions will save your life, what exactly are you haggling over?

His shop is well stocked with healing potions and other useful items for anyone venturing into the wilderness, all of which he crafts himself. Recently, he has let it be known that he can acquire enchanted items of a more sophisticated nature – all at standard rates of course.

Seamus Swifttalker

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