Ranaris the Terrible

Necromancer and . . . lich?


Ranaris “the Terrible” is a rather self-important minor necromancer who dwells in the ruined Imperial church on the outskirts of the Whill Wood. Ranaris is intrigued by the Black Cyst, and has been trying unsuccessfully for several years to open the chamber. He believes that a combination of thievery and arcana is essential to defeating the complicated magical lock. He also believes that the chamber contains magical secrets left behind by the Empire of Nerath, and that opening it will catapult him to new heights of power.

Recently he hit on a plan, which came to him in an odd dream. He would lure a group of adventurers to the catacombs beneath the church as fuel for future experiments. While visiting Sunhaven incognito for certain supplies, Ranaris encountered Allyn the bard, a con man from the East. Seizing the opportunity to put his plan in motion, he struck a deal with the young Bard. He took Allyn’s map and replaced it with false ones, leading to groups of his servitors. Any adventurers will, he assumes, either be slain by his minions (whereupon he can collect them for future experiments) or follow the trail back to the Imperial church, where he can dispatch them personally. Ultimately Allyn was to assemble his adventuring group and meet Ranaris at the Imperial Church to follow up the “true” map.

Ranaris was recently defeated at the hands of the adventuring crew that styles itself ‘Team Stab First.’ As he lay dying, the Necromancer made many dire pronouncements about his impending return from beyond the grave, and the members of TSF noticed that the wizard seemed to be about half-undead himself, leading to speculation that he may be some form of lich.

Ranaris’ Journal


Ranaris the Terrible

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