West Athens Marches

Temple of Evil Elements


Returning to the Silt Lake Tower were Asteron, Awayn, Crescent, Deverin, Lord Fionn and Squab Hollowbone. In the basement, beyond the passage underneath the tower, a corridor leads off. This passage is carved out of the natural stone bedrock of the island, as opposed tooled stone in the rest of the keep. Iron and wood doors lie at the end of the corridor; in bass relief, is the image of a horrifying, other worldly creature, Demigorgon, a demon prince. Also included are faint images of his cultists, surrounding an altar, perform a ritual. The door’s seam bisects the image’s heads. The door is magically and physically locked.

Attempting to pick the complex lock, the members combine their abilities to open the door. Beyond is a large room. The floor is inscribed with runes underneath an altar. A magical aura emanates from the altar.

Three Neldrazu appear and summon walls of fire, lightening, and acid. The altar covers with frost, filling the chamber with a bitter cold. Battle is joined; the demons use their powers to atempt to isolate the members of the party behind the deadly elemental barriers. After a tough fight, the demons are put down. During the battle Squab, Deverin and Fionn manage to nullify the arcane cold coming from the altar.

The walls behind the altar are covered with frescoes depicting Demigorgon and his followers triumphant over all of his enemies.

Inside the hollow altar is a big, ancient skeleton, its bones degenerating. It is wearing a medallion, a holy symbol of Kord, and chain-mail armor.

1. +1 Exalted Chainmail (Eric)
2. +1 Ghostmask (Steph)
3. Polyglot Gem – Abyssal (Party)

A nearby guard room opens to the lake through a low cavern. Smashed animal crates lay broken near a rotten meal on a wooden table. A wave of manta rays emerge from the water, flying towards the party in anger. After defeating the rays, the leader flees, cursing all in abyssal. They were Ixitatchtl, demonic servants of Demigorgon native to the elemental chaos.

The cages contained unknown creatures; one contains feathers and hair. All had apparently been freed and now roam the Wilds at will.


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