West Athens Marches

Storming the Elven Fort


Party: Kuzo, Deverin, Erik, Bullpa, Nala, and Kinn

The party travels into the woods again in search of the white tree and the Elven fort. They find the trail again and discover that the bodies from the previous fight are gone – it looks like they were packed up and moved off to the south. The ground is torn up and there is blood and stray pieces of armor from dead hob goblins.

The group decides to head on toward the tower through heavy, thick woods. After an hour they spot an Elven tower off in the distance. It’s graceful, slender and about four stories tall. They spot movement on the roof of the tower – a hobgoblin archer. There is smoke rising up somewhere past the tower.

Kuzo sneaks around the tower and discovers that it appears to be on the edge of a settlement. South of the tower is another stone tower, roughly the same size. Past the two towers there are a number of other buildings. At one building that looks like a stable, he sees a goblin go in and out a few times. The smoke seems to be coming from within a circle of tents. One goblin is turning something on a spit over the fire, while another is cleaning/maintaining a stack of armor.

The party decides to storm the first tower. Kuzo sneaks forward and peeks through the arrow slit and sees a really big humanoid creature on the ground floor. It has a whole, roasted bird in one hand, tears it in half and eats it whole. It bellows something in Goblish off toward another direction. Kuzo sneaks around to take a look toward the camp and the ogre bellows again and the two goblins tending the fire startle. Kuzo readies his crossbow at the fire-tending goblins, in the event they run toward him. As everyone else makes their way toward the tower, the archer notices them and cries “Alarm! Humans! No, crap, more dragon spawn! It’s both!”.

The party kills a fire-tending goblin quickly and take on the ogre. A few more goblins appear to aid the ogre. A fight ensues. The goblin archer shouts again: “It’s some adventurers! It’s not Atavex’s spawn again!” and a few hobgoblins rush in at the alarm. The party takes down the ogre. The remaining fire-tending goblin tries to run and Kuzo and Bullpa make him pay. Meanwhile, back at the tower, the archer shouts for the door to close. To the party’s horror the door slams shut and they hear a large bar fall, blocking it into place, trapping Deverin inside…alone with a hobgoblin. Bullpa shoves at the door and breaks the door open. Deverin decapitates the remaining hobgoblin with a fierce axe attack as well as a hobgoblin on top of the tower. One remaining hobgoblin shouts in search of others and hears nothing in return. The party, minus Erik who stays at the door to stand guard, charges to the top of the tower and finds the hobgoblin prepared to send a flaming arrow signal toward the sky, threatening to alert troops below. Deverin races toward him and knocks him off the side of the tower. The hobgoblin barely survives to run off screaming into the woods.

Searching the tower, the party finds a leather pouch with 40 gold coins and 2 silver cups worth about 50 gold each. The ogre is wearing a bronze medallion around his neck with a familiar looking image on it – a picture of a very square jawed looking man with a short beard. It says Snury Regis.

Looking out from the tower, they see two hobgoblins on the ground coming out of a small house. The hobgoblins notice and begin whispering to each other. One yells something and 11 big hobgoblins come out of the other tower and start moving toward the party. The party is spotted and the hobgoblins advance. Fighting ensues. As the last hobgoblin dies, he shouts “Go below and warn the commander! King Snury’s protection wasn’t worth shit!”

In the ruined tower, there is a flight of stairs going down: unexplored
In house the hobgoblins came out of: captain’s quarters, hanging on the wall: painting of a bunch of giants and it’s expertly done – (fire) giant with red hair on a throne (gold crown), giant sword on his knee, standing below is a (frost) pale blue skinned giant with white hair and a silver crown with a big axe, kneeling on the next stair below is a smaller giant with leather thong tied around head with an enormous club.

Loot: 12 pouches with 20g in each (240 g), and a leather pouch with 40 gold coins and 2 silver cups worth about 50 gold each


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