West Athens Marches

Return to the Elven Fortress Basement (cue ominous music!)


Party: Verna, Kinn, Nala, Deverin, Miri, Bullpa

Seamus offers us 50g for the circlet, which he tells us is an elven relic and exactly the sort of thing he’s looking for. The markings on the circlet seem to be related to some kind of ritual. He’s also made two potions for us from the dragon parts:
-2 potions of acid resistance (level 14, spend a healing surge and instead of healing, gain resist 10 acid until the end of encounter).

The party returns to the elven tower basement. There is no sign of activity above and no evidence that the hobgoblins have recovered from the previous assault. Everything in the basement is essentially as it was left. Bullpa unlocks a door with its key hanging next to it with ease. Inside there is a sunken area 10 feet lower than the rest of the room. In the sunken area is a large chair. On the left is another door. There’s a faint odor reminiscent of fire in the room, but the room is very dark and no one can see if anything is charred or burned. Verna investigates and finds that the chair and its insides have been burned. It looks a bit like someone was sitting in the chair when it burned. She also sees that on the wall facing the chair is a painting of a forest on fire and staggering out of it is an army of undead that look a bit elven. Miri checks out the painting and finds it odd that there would be such a painting depicting undead elves in the basement of an elven fortress. She realizes the painting is definitely magical and at that moment, the undead begin to march out of it. They are quickly dispatched and Kinn inspects the painting again and notices that there is something different and strange behind the painting itself. The door on the left opens and in steps a vaguely elven looking skeletal figure. He unleashes a pulse of energy that hits everyone hard, leaving them with a sense of deep despair.

Nala hits the painting with fire and some of the outer canvas burns away revealing another painting behind it with yet another forest scene depicted. Kinn scrapes more of the painting apart and sees more of the scene beneath which shows regal elves in shiny armor instead of the undead.

Finally the skeletal figure dies (the skeletal figure was wearing a magical +2 Robe of Scintillation – an at will power that lights it like a torch and daily power of close burst 2 that attacks all creatures in the burst and dazes them). The party then finishes ripping down the painting of the undead. It’s obvious to Kinn that the revealed painted was done by an elven artist. It depicts a gleaming city amongst the trees, and in the foreground is a fairy court scene with two central noble figures surrounded by armored figures and courtly looking folk. In the back room is a sarcophagus – it’s apparent that some kind of ritual was performed on it. The sarcophagus holds bits and pieces of some kind of magical item, and Miri guesses it was a phylactery. On the inside of the sarcophagus lid, there’s a carving of a stylized skull that none in the party has ever seen before. There is also an amulet inside (Amulet of Protection – +2 fort, reflex, will).


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