West Athens Marches

Into the Whill Woods in Search of the White Leaved Oak

Verna, Miri, Kinn, Erik, and Deverin decide that since it is such a nice day, they would decide to venture into the Whill Woods in search for the oak with white leaves. They start out from the church and head north. From a short vantage point in a tree, Verna spots a place in the woods were the trees look diseased and dead. Heading towards that area, the party spies six green reptilian creatures. The largest one has small wings sprouting out of its back and is wielding a weird looking curved bone sword (the sword leans to the left). The other five smaller creatures like to sneak around with cover during the fight. The party’s good tactics and teamwork make quick work of the large creature. As two of the little ones leave, they speak in a language that Miri recognizes – draconic – in which she hears a name repeated from the black dragon, “Ativex.” Other than the large creature, only one of the smaller creatures is killed; the others sneak away. Deverin hacks the head off of the large creature. The bone sword is identified as a Ravenclaw Warblade.

The party travels a little farther north, finding a valley with a stream. The water smells acrid. As we approach the stream the plant life becomes more and more sparse. No fish or other aquatic creatures are in the stream. The foul smell seems to get stronger towards the hills and reminds Deverin of the substance that was spit at him from the smaller creatures earlier. The party decides to follow the stream into the hills, to investigate where the foul substance is coming from. They climb and find a 50’ waterfall. We gather some of the water from this part of the stream, so we can take a sample back to Seamus. There is an absence of animal tracks, but reptile tracks are discovered around the riverbed. Deverin decided to attempt climb up the side of the waterfall. He gets most of the way up, then starts to fall. Miri saves him with her telekinetic lift. She pushes him the rest of the way up the side. Once on the ground and stable, Deverin notices a wide ledge. 10’ from the edge is a rope ladder and many similiar tracks. He lowers the rope ladder for the rest of the party. The rest of the party joins Deverin. The smell from the river is very strong. A path leads away from the cliff.

After traveling a couple hundred yards, they come to a cave. The water is flowing out of the cave. No vegetation is found around this area. The smell is very strong here. Tracks are found all around. The party also finds a set of larger tracks that belong to a four legged creature. Verna sneaks in the cave. A short distance in, she can tell that the cave is not shallow. The cave and stream curves a little to the left, with a side passage that goes to the right. Verna hears noises like boiling water and movement, but no conversation. Sneaking further in, Verna can see light. Passing more side passages, she comes to a large chamber. In part of the wall, stone has been chiseled out. In the room are glass cylinders, each one containing a body. A large creature like the party killed earlier is tending to the cylinders. From within some bedding, the creature takes something out, puts it in a cylinder, then starts filling it with different liquids. The cave goes back farther behind. Verna reports back to the rest of the group. They decide to take the head and vial of tainted water back to Seamus to see what he thinks of all of this.

Seamus identifies these creatures as dragon spawn. He tells us that some dragon spawn can be spell-casters. There are tales of dragons making spawn. The water can be from the dragon waste, the process that is making the dragon spawn, or a combination of both. Seamus takes the vial of tainted water in order to analyze it.

Loot: +2 Ravenclaw Warblade (Bastard sword) – Kinn

Characters that need to level: Erik and Kinn


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