West Athens Marches

I Don't Wanna Go Down to the (Elven) Basement

Back to Sunhaven

Team Black & Proud regroups back at Seamus’ to discuss the broken phylactery they found deep beneath the old Elven Fortress, in a crypt of a powerful Eladrin undead.

Seamus & the Phylactery

Seamus studies the object carefully. When the party asks if it belongs to a lich, the gnome isn’t so sure. He finds it odd, because no lich worth his salt would allow his phylactery to be damaged in this way. He wonders if it may be the phylactery may not belong to the baddie we slew, but to another lich? He notices some old, Eladrin runes on the phylactery that identify it as the property of “Lord Heston”.

*Miri recognizes the name as being associated with the old Elven kingdom north of Sunhaven.
*Kinn recalls tales involving Elves, particularly magic-using ones, turning themselves into “Baelnorn”: special liches that guard something of special value to the elves.

Seamus interrupts to say even if that creature was a Baelnorn, it would have repaired its phylactery. He does notice here is some strange powder (possibly Bolivian Marching) in the bottom of the phylactery that he can’t explain. He’ll have to run some tests on it. Tests that involve a rolled-up twenty dollar bill.

Back to the Dungeon Beneath the Old Elven Fortress:

Team B&P notices that there’s been some activity around the fortress since they were there last. Obviously creatures have been in and out of there and stripped both the barn and house. Furniture, harnesses, tack… it’s all gone! Lots of footprints dot the area… including some that belong to some giant feet.

Team B&P speculates wildly about the owner of those feet. Could it be… Lord Slanket!?!?! Lord Snuggi?!?! Lord Snurri?!?!

Heads of State

We retrace our steps and encounter a locked door. Kuzo examines and picks it like an ogre’s nostril (with a dagger). It opens up into a room.

*At the back of the room there are stairs that go DOWN!
*Flanking the stairs are a pair of statues depicting elven warriors.
*Although the statues are stone… the heads are, in fact, SEVERED HUMANOID HEADS.
*The heads are old and jerkied. Possibly seasoned with secret herbs and/or spices.
*Necromantic magic permeates the area… seemingly eminating from the heads themselves.
*Team B&P elects to (bravely) choose another route, closing and spiking the door to this chamber on their way out.

The Baelnorn’s Lair

The team revisits the “lich’s” crypt. In the sarcophagus- wenotice that the lining has been torn away and a stylized skull (without a lower jaw) is carved into the wood. It’s very nicely done… but weird. No one recognizes its origin. The team decides to continue, except for Deverin. He elects to stay behind and rub one out.

The Trapped Hallway

We make our way to a narrow hallway. A complex mosaic of leaves and vines snakes down the floor of the hall. The pattern appears to be sacred to Corellon. Every ten feet, the hall is flanked by a pair of wooden status of Eladrin warriors, spears at the ready. Kuzo belives that the statues are traps (he can tell that they are articulated), but he can’t determine what mechanism may set them off. Bullpa attempts to disarm the the trap, by hacking the first pair of statues into kindling. As he advances down the hall, intent on destroying the rest, he triggers a floor switch and the statues thrust their spears into the hallway.

*Miri uses telekinesis to raise Bullpa off the floor (the statues deactivate) and float him safely down the hall.
*Kuzo uses his slippers of spider climb and runs down the length of the hall on the ceiling.
*Verna determines that the floor trigger is magical- not mechanical.
*The party rigs a rope in the hallway, allowing for everyone else to climb across safely.
*We advance to the next room!

The Glowing Pool

This room is dominated by a large pool of glowing water, flanked by a series of ornately carved pillars thatl ook like tree trunks. The surface of the pool is strangely… active.

Suddenly, a gaggle of SIX SLAADPOLES burst from the surface of the pool. OH FUCK! A bloody battle ensues. The slaad go insubstantial when hit. The pool churns when Bullpa near it and HE GETS HYP-MO-TIZED. Bullpa enters the pool and starts losing healing surges. After annihilating the slaad (which appear to have been placed here to desecrate a site holy to Correllon), we explore the bottom of the pool.

In it, we find:

*about 20gp of coinage, including a platinum piece with a (+1) booger on it.
*A pair of magical, FLYLEAF VAMBRACES.


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