West Athens Marches

Behind door #2 you find . . .


The party returns to the Elven Ruins to explore the second floor. The trip was uneventful. Moving south from the enterance, the passage slopes downward. They slosh through several feet of water, inpeding movement. From under the water, a rotten undead elf emerges. Soon, a flock of Demon Rays emerged from the water, surrounding the parties.

“Demigorgon” is muttered by the Demon Ray Priest as he flees through a crack in the wall. Searching the crypts in the flooded room, the party finds among the skeletal remains:

1. +2 Manafester Halberd (Tom)

A picture of Demigorgon is drawn on the crumbling wall near the fissure. A metal wheen, about 4" in diameter, is mounted on the wall. It gives off an eerie vibe. Miri feels like it has a teleportation effect; Asteron feels this might open a rift to the Abyss.

On the way to exploring another crypt, the party passes a pool of frozen water with three elven bodies trapped inside. Their faces are frozen in horror. The room is extremely cold; fine magic patterns line the floor, perhaps triggering the frozen zombies. Kuzo disarms the trap and the party proceeded to the crypy beyond. Elven bodies fills to coffins with little else of import.

Exploring the next room, they notice the ceiling is very high. Two pits, sinking 30’ lie on either side of the room. A pair of statues or regal elves, sit at the far end. The closest pit is filled with bones, some of which stir at the presence of the party. Sneaking closer, Kuzo notices the other pit is also filled with stirring bones and a freshly severed elven head, which is surprisingly intact.

Leaping the pit, Asteron lands next to the statue and they comes to life and attack. After destroying the statues, the severed head cries out for help. Asteron climbs down and retrieves the head and find some coins among the bones.

1. 240 GP

Alfrick (the head) was the last king of the fae realm in the west. His body lay incorruptable until the fiend came and defiled the tomb, Acereack the lich. His body still lies in the chamber beyond, as has every fae king when he transcends the mortal realm. The door has a lock similar to the one under the old church that TSF found months ago. He offers to help open the door.

Recalling a tidbit of arcane History, Miri gains +2 to Arcana checks.


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