West Athens Marches

Deep into the Elven . . . . .

Deverin, Kinn, Kuzo, Erik, and Verna venture yet again to the elven fortress. They enter into the basement and decide to enter into the only room that has not been defiled by Black and Proud on this level. There is a downward staircase at the back of the room, with a portcullis closed in front of the stairs. Two statues of elven warriors stand to each side of the stairway at the back of the room. The heads had been lobbed off and replaced with shrunken human heads. When Deverin enters the room and walked up near the stairs, the heads turn and start cussing at him. Deverin takes damage from the foul words. Only the head moves, the other parts of the statue take no movement. Since the heads injured the party’s cleric, the party joins the fight. They attack the head to shut them up.

Once dispatched, Kinn found the original stone head behind the statue on the right side. He picks it up and places it on the statue, hoping that it will open the portcullis. Nothing happens. After Kuzo examines the portcullis, he notices it can probably be just lifted up. After some struggles, Deverin raises the gate, but there is nothing there to hold it up. Deverin sacrifices his crowbar to wedge under the gate to keep it from closing. The party walks down the stairs, descending about 50 – 60 feet. Once downstairs, they discover writing on the floor in elvish jive, which Kinn can read. "Here lie the ladies and lords of House Tendarish. Lords of fey of this realm. . . " Erik notices that some of the letters spell out something else on the floor, and these letters are magical. Deverin notices that the ceiling has huge numerous spikes hanging down like stalactites. Kinn deciphers the glyphs that are arcana linked and realize that it tells him how the trap can be disabled. Kuzo with Verna’s help starts to disable the trap.

While the party is busy, Kinn hears the sound of feet behind him. Zombie rotters attack him and Deverin. Along with zombies, there are corruption corpses and dread zombies. While fighting, Kuzo successfully disarms the trap. The party extinguishes of all the undead. A magical cloak is discovered on one of the zombies. After the battle, the party checks out the rooms to the north and east. Both rooms were used to prepare corpses, for instance washing, preserving, and procedures of that nature – think Fisher and Sons funeral home from Six Feet Under and not Phantasm. The discussion deteriorated at this point, so the party broke up.

Cloak of Distortion +2 – Verna

Characters to Level:


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