West Athens Marches

B&P to the Elf Basement

Kuzo, Erik, Bullpa, Kinn, Miri, and Verna leave from town and go back to the elf ruins. They venture into the basement of the elf tower. There is a flight of stairs on each side, each ending with a closed door. The door on the right has a bar across it with a chain and padlock. A key hangs from a chain nailed to the bar. The door to the left is closed but not barred. Kuzo checks the door with the bar. He notices that the fittings look newer than the door itself. The unbarred door is not locked. There are voiced heard on the other side. The party decides to check out who is speaking on the other side of the door.

They bust open the door and discover six hobgoblins. The party disturbed a conversation the hobgoblins were having with a booming voice; the source of the voice is not discovered. During the fight, one of the hobgoblins yells something and opens a door to the right of the door that the adventures entered from. From this door is heard a crackling fire sound and a flame snake emerges. It hits Miri and catches her on fire. Three fire bats fly out of the room behind the fire snake, spewing fire onto the party. The party ends up taking out everything but one hobgoblin that escaped.

After a short rest, the party moves into the room that the snake and fire bats flew out of. A big fire blazes in the middle of the room. The fire has no smoke or smell and comes out of a round stone circle with symbols of the four elements engraved in it. On the far side is a leather sack with coins spilling out. With his special fire resistance armor, Bullpa walks over to the phat sack. The sack contains 310 gold pieces, a potion (of clarity), and a non-magical circlet made out of black stone (adamant) with the same symbols that surround the fire.

The party moves down the hall into a small room, filled with furniture stacked around. The party walks on down the hall. This hallway seems like it is not as well traveled. The hall leads to two doors; one is seemingly much older and bound in brass rather than iron. A half-eaten piece of food is found on the floor; it looks like it was freshly discarded. Faint footsteps go both ways. The party decides to open the old looking door. On both sides of the winding pathway the walls are frescoes painted, in which Miri identifies fey creatures. The paintings seem to be looking at you. The party does not enter the hallway, but instead close and bar this door. The party walks down the hallway toward the discarded jerky. After opening the far door, a skeleton filled pit is found. Two more doors (one near the walkway and one on the opposite side) are seen. Kuzo checks out the door on the left and finds that it would be hard to open. A hovering pedestal with a six inch diameter ball sits in the middle of the pit, with a walkway out to it on the left. The ball sits nicely in an impression. The skeletons in the pit have scraps of gear, but the gear looks like it has been badly corroded, except for one sword. The scabbard is ruined, but the sword is gleaming and bright. It is decided that Kuzo will go down into the pit to retrieve the sword. Bullpa ties a robe around Kuzo and starts to lower him down. Half way down, Kuzo hears a squishing noise. A gelatinous cube grabs him, dissolves the rope, and dazes him. A number of the skeletons slowly rise up.

After the cube and skeletons are dead, Bullpa and Erik – who are in the pit – notice that the floor gives a bit, like it is floating. Bullpa takes the sword, that turns out to be a +2 inescapable bastard sword. Most of the skeletons are human sized, a few small goblin sized, and a few large creatures. Ropes are lowered down to get Bullpa and Erik. Erik decides to move the ball. In the middle of the depression, a cylinder moves up from under where the ball sat and the floor of the pit moves up flush with the floor in the rest of the room. The party finds it strange that the pit contained nothing but rotten bones and the magic sword, since the gelatinous cube would leave behind any coin or other metal objects. Perhaps the cube is used as a means of execution?

Loot Total
310 gold pieces
(1) potion of clarity
(1) +2 inescapable bastard sword
(1) non-magical circlet of adamant

Characters that need to level before next game
Erik to 4
Kinn to 4
Kuzo to 5


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